Kaplan graduates will 'enhance workforce'

PORTLAND — About 290 students from Kaplan University received their degrees Saturday in a commencement ceremony at Merrill Auditorium.

“These graduates will immediately enhance the quality of Maine's workforce,” said Christopher Quinn, president of Kaplan’s Maine campuses in Lewiston, Augusta and South Portland. “They live in Maine, and the vast majority will stay in Maine as they pursue their careers.”

Graduates earned certificate, associate, bachelor and master's degrees from Kaplan's schools of social and behavioral sciences, business, education, health sciences and information technology.

Gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler gave the keynote address.

“You are here today because you understand opportunity,” Cutler said. “You have seized it and have worked hard to create even greater opportunities for yourselves and your families."

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I don't expect the newspaper

I don't expect the newspaper to be unbiased because you want the ad dollars, but a candidate for public office should know better. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/education/kaplan.html

Greg Smola's picture

Reply to Kathy's statement

As a community member, I wanted to respond to Kathy’s post. I am not a graduate of Kaplan University but I do know many friends that have attended Kaplan and I support their mission in Maine. I personally took the time and read through all of the consumer reports about Kaplan. Not to my surprise, I only found one response in consumer reports from Maine. To emphasize, I found one. I’m not sure if Kathy read the consumer report statistics before she posted the response, but to post something negative in an article that is congratulating almost 300 graduates is very discouraging. What is even more disheartening is the fact that Kathy probably doesn't know the many success stories that has come out of Kaplan University in Maine. One of my best friends literally went from living in a homeless shelter to now making a nice living as a result from the hard work she put in at Kaplan. Now this person has a three bedroom home and did it with the help of the staff and faculty at Kaplan University. I would encourage people like Kathy to do some research before just posting statistics. Many of us form our opinions off "statistics" we find on the Internet, but if you are ambitious enough to seek out the real truth, do more research than just looking up an article from one source. Talk to a student that is currently attending the Lewiston campus and ask them how much support they are receiving during their educational journey.


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