Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk drops in at skate park

LEWISTON — Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk dropped in Monday at the local skate park, showing off his grabs and other cool moves to the delight of hundreds of teenagers, their parents and other gawkers.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

World renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk shows off his skills for area enthusiasts at the skate park in Lewiston on Monday.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Kevin Staab performs a front-side tail slide at the skate park in Lewiston on Monday. Staab showed up at the park with world renowned 'boarder Tony Hawk.

The stop was apparently the last for Hawk and his Birdhouse Team on a tour of 10 in the Northeast, according to Jodd Bowles, a founding member of the committee that created the park that opened in 2006.

"My first reaction, I was shocked," said Dylan Dunne, 15, of Auburn. "It was really shocking for me. I've watched everything he's done. He's like the best skateboarder around."

Dunne, an avid inline skater, said he rushed over to the skate park with a friend after receiving more than 10 text messages on his cell phone that the world famous skateboarder had rolled into Lewiston. Just missing the performance on the half-pipes, Dunne said he went over and sat outside the tour bus and waited for his chance to catch a glimpse of Hawk.

Lady Luck was on Dunne's side as Hawk emerged from the bus to hang out and sign autographs for his eager fans. The Edward Little High School sophomore was the first in line to meet Hawk, shake his hand and get his picture taken with the skating legend known for his signature "900" move. Hawk is thought to be the first skateboarder to ever master three spins in the air.

Sponsors erected tents overlooking the park and gave away clothing and other promotional goodies to onlookers.

Sporting a red T-shirt and black helmet, Hawk, who is well-known through his video games as well as his board skills, spent more than an hour in the park, navigating the smooth cement curves, ramps and ledges.

A participant in the tour seeking driving directions from New Hampshire alerted officials at the city's Department of Recreation to Hawk's unexpected appearance.

"We found out about it this morning," said Administrative Assistant Claudette Jordan. "He did donate $10,000 to the skate park, so that's why he's here."



Submitted photo

Submitted photo

Dylan Dunne, 15, of Auburn, gets Tony Hawk's autograph.

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 's picture

How did this turn political?

How did this turn political? It gave local kids a chance to meet someone they might look up to, there was excercise (not tv or video games) involved. How about if we say thanks to Tony Hawk for being a role model and leave it at that!

 's picture

He is a positive role model

He is a positive role model what do you do in your free time? Aside from drowning puppies, feeding kittens to lawn mowers, and enjoying a little bit to much church wine on the side? Considering that he put ten grand into it while the town councilors put fifty grand into facades and signs it is clear that who cares more about the town and its citizens is someone who does something right. Welfare is someone who can never care, he was never raised to, he forgot who Robert Owen was, and deems children as young as six viable for work.

Joseph Ziehm
Lewiston, ME
"Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a master in heaven. Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;" Colossians 4: 1-2

 's picture

It will never cease to amaze

It will never cease to amaze me that we can't have a single story in this paper appear without some dumbass politcal comment. GET A LIFE.

Thanks to Tony for stopping by and making this happen for these kids. You're a good man!


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