Baldacci: Vote for gay marriage

BANGOR, Maine (AP) - Acknowledging his past opposition to gay marriages, Gov. John Baldacci is urging Mainers to vote against the ballot proposal to repeal the state's same-sex marriage law.

Pat Wellenbach

In this May 6, 2009 file photo Maine Gov. John Baldacci gestures after signing a gay rights marriage bill in his office at the State House in Augusta, Maine. In November, Maine voters will become the first in any state with the chance to repeal or uphold a law passed in May by their legislature, legalizing same-sex marriage. (AP Photo/Pat Wellenbach/File)

Speaking in Bangor, Baldacci on Tuesday said he once preferred civil unions to gay marriages. But he said he came to believe a civil union is not equal to civil marriage. He signed the gay marriage bill into law last May.

Maine voters will cast ballots on Tuesday on whether to repeal the state's gay marriage law, which was passed by the Legislature earlier this year.

The governor also said same sex marriage is an emotional issue - and there are good, honest people on both sides of the question.

Baldacci was joined by members of the Vote No campaign.

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 's picture

Civil Unions are NOT the

Civil Unions are NOT the same as MARRIAGE. I am happy to know that more and more people are acknowledging that EVERYONE deserves EQUAL RIGHTS.

On another note... where is SJ when you need them? How about people posting websites that for all we know could be a link to a virus!?! Enough of the URL postings. Not everything on the web is legit. Maybe SJ should post a RULES section before comment entry. Remind people of what they are and SJ actually follow through and stick with them!

 's picture

Again, not everything on the

Again, not everything on the web is legit. People swear by websites like its the bible. This is all too NOT amusing.

 's picture

I rarely agree with Tron but

I rarely agree with Tron but he is right, look at the url and then decide if you want to go and look at it. With that said, it is still the readers responsibility to have their anti-virus and anti-spam software up to date. I have seen legitimate websites hacked and users who did not have anti-virus software have their machines compromised.

 's picture

Some of us post links, to

Some of us post links, to prove what we are saying is not an opinion and the links serve as proof.

 's picture

Tron, "and gil is

Tron, "and gil is recommending it," This is where you went to far. Insulting Gil or anyone else in this way is not acceptable behavior.

 's picture

You know, I thought in the

You know, I thought in the SJ comments 'rules' or whatever the heck it is-its clearly states that making comments specifically was not acceptable. This is a prime example SJ of exactly what I'm talking about.

 's picture

Since there are many

Since there are many posters, sometimes we want to address our comment to a particular poster. Without using their name, how else do you propose we say we are addressing a comment? There is a link to the commenting policy at the bottom of the page. It is early and I might have missed it, but I didn't see where is says we cannot address each other. As for posting urls, it says that the "Personal or business URLs that could be viewed as an attempt to solicit business".

 's picture

to a person/another user***

to a person/another user***

 's picture

well biker....... I hope you

well biker....... I hope you no longer live in maine. wouldn't want you to be embarrassed by what you feel has turned into such a horrible place!! maine doesn't need any more predjudism and haters then it all ready has!! you people sit on your self proclaimed thrones and judge others.......look at yourself and worry about what affects YOU!!! If two men or two women get married, it doesn't affect you or your life at all!!


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