Farmington board reviews status of properties

FARMINGTON — Selectmen gave a Farmington tenant more time to clear the property at 466 Industry Road after a public hearing Tuesday held to determine whether it is an illegal junkyard.

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Ann Bryant/Sun Journal

Selectmen gave more time to clear the property at 466 Industry Road in Farmington during a public hearing Tuesday. They will review efforts made at their next meeting.

James Hasty, the tenant of the property owned by Marc Hand, had accumulated a variety of appliances, cars and other materials across a yard in view of Route 43.

Code Enforcement Officer Steve Kaiser discovered the accumulation earlier this summer while checking on other properties, he said. He was told by the owner it would be cleaned up.

By September no action had been taken to come under compliance, he said. Another notice was sent earlier in October to the owner and tenant prior to Tuesday's hearing.

Hasty told the board he wanted to buy the property and the materials were part of his effort to make money to do that, only he got carried away, he said. He has started to clear some materials and admitted there's a lot more to go.

"It should have been done a long time ago, and I admit I'm to blame," he told the board.

A couple trips to an Oakland recycling facility with the appliances and other metals would take care of it, Selectman Jon Bubier told Hasty.

The board agreed to review progress on the property at their Nov. 10 meeting expecting a good effort made and a satisfactory report of change.

Kaiser also reported on another Maple Avenue home owned by Jonathan and Benjamin Cummings. The home, which was partially destroyed by fire in December, raised safety concerns. But with the help of a local church, the burned debris has been removed.

The board previously asked the brothers to close off the north section of the home with plywood or vinyl siding and make it more presentable until they could fulfill their plan to rebuild the section of home that was destroyed.

The brothers had expected to have the work completed by the end of October but a lack of manpower and finances have hindered that effort, Kaiser told the board. Neither brother was able to attend the meeting.

Safety was the big issue and they've addressed that so at what point is the board going too far by expecting them to have vinyl siding, Selectman Ryan Morgan asked.

With no town standards for appearance, the board agreed the safety issues were done but covering the home before winter was not only for appearance but to keep it from being ruined before they rebuild.

The board will review their progress at the next meeting.

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Jan Bachelder's picture

OK, not trying to cause

OK, not trying to cause trouble here, but if they are going to harass Joel, why aren't they pushing the issue with this guy? Sometimes his stuff "escapes" his property and is out on the very sides of the road, which could be considered a hazard, especially at night!


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