Madore says marriage is part of broader gay agenda

AUGUSTA — Longtime anti-gay activist Paul Madore on Wednesday warned
Mainers that voting on Election Day to uphold the law allowing same-sex
marriage would further normalize homosexuality. 

Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press

Robert F. Bukaty/Associated Press

Brian Souchet, of Stand for Marriage Maine, left, listens to a response by Mary Bonauto, of Protect Maine Equality, during a debate on referendum Question 1, the proposal to rescind the Legislature's approval of same-sex marriage Wednesday at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine.

At a news conference at the State House less than a week before the
Nov. 3 election, Madore made his first public appearance on the issue,
flanked by Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality
and Brian Camenker of MassResistance.

"This is a very serious issue, and if we don't decide correctly what
to do with this, we're apt to go the wrong way; we have been doing that
incrementally," said Madore, who lives in Lewiston.

"There's a very clear case here as to why same-sex marriage is bad for
Maine, because it has the weight and force of the legal system to
indoctrinate society to that which some perceive to be the norm. That
cannot possibly be good for Maine," he said.

Madore's political action committee, the Maine Grassroots Coalition,
has spent about $8,300 on the campaign so far, according to state
campaign finance reports. About $3,200 has gone toward paying himself
and his wife, Susan, for their efforts.

One concern cited by Madore was potential voter fraud, based on the No
on 1 campaign's program bringing out-of-staters to take vacations in
Maine to volunteer for the campaign.

"The practical effects of having this campaign, is not only that
they will come to work, but will they vote? Will they vote? We know
that voter fraud has always been an issue that's very much a part of
campaigns, particularly campaigns that are controversial," Madore said.

Jesse Connolly, campaign manager for the No on 1/Protect Maine Equality group, called the accusation "insulting."

"We certainly have volunteers from out of state, but we hold Maine's
election laws very seriously," he said. "It's unfortunate that the
level of discourse has fallen to this."

Connolly said his group has not been deceptive about anything and is very focused on Election Day.

The Stand for Marriage Maine group, which is leading efforts to
reject the new law, disavowed Madore's news conference and his
speakers, said Scott Fish, spokesman for Stand for Marriage Maine.

Bob Emrich, a leader of the group, said that although Madore is
advocating for the same "Yes on 1" vote his group is, they have chosen
not to endorse his message.

"Paul does his thing, whatever that might be; everybody may be
headed to the same destination, but the way of getting there may be
different," Emrich said.

He said he disassociated his group from LaBarbera, specifically.

"(LaBarbera's) comments are that we, being Stand for Marriage Maine
and myself, that we are cowardly," Emrich said. "So given that that's
his attitude toward the way we're presenting our message, it's hard to
imagine how we could work closely with him."

Madore, who was active in previous campaigns against what he calls
"the homosexual issue," offered his services to the Stand for Marriage
Maine campaign, but like Michael Heath, formerly of the Christian Civic
League, was not assigned a leadership role in the campaign.

"They just felt like there was a different way to do it, so you can't
have a team going in different directions at the same time," Emrich
said of the situation.

The speakers at the news conference sought to reveal what they felt
were hidden agendas behind contributors to the No on 1 campaign.

"What hasn't been reported are the incredibly radical connections and
behaviors and public pronouncements of some of these groups," said
LaBarbera, using the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force as an example.
"The people of Maine are not familiar with the support of the bigoted
gay organizations that have been the sustenance of the No on 1

LaBarbera read a description of a course offered by the National Gay
and Lesbian Task Force during a summit held in February as an example
of something Mainers should be aware of.

"This workshop will empower (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and
questioning) youth to increase their emotional and physical safety with
intimate partners, acquaintances and hook-ups. Participants will gain
and practice skills and tools to convey awareness, gain full consent,
assert boundaries and respectively approach someone, recognize abusive
behavior and respond to dangerous situations," he read.

"Essentially, what we are talking about here is an organization so
radical that they are now advocating sexual freedom for young people,"
LaBarbera said.

When asked why he was holding the news conference so close to the
election, Madore said he had trouble raising enough money to bring in
the speakers.

"But there's a very clear message that's reverberating in Lewiston
regarding the threat of indoctrination, the content in the schools and
I believe the vast majority of parents don't want that. They want
fairness for all, but they're not willing to sacrifice their children
for it," he said.

A statement released by the No on 1 campaign said Madore has "been
behind some of the most anti-gay hate speech over the last 20 years" in
Maine. Additionally, MassResistance, Camenker's group, is one of 11
designated anti-gay hate groups listed by the Southern Poverty Law
Center, according to the No on 1 campaign.

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 's picture

Have to make a correction

Have to make a correction there Ray, Americans for Truth does in fact link to and praise massresistance on their site, I will not discuss here the topic at the start of the page as it is not appropriate, but the next article down does say "Can it get any weirder, any more perverse? And then it does. Our good friends over at MassResistance once again have done the hard work of exposing part of the REAL homosexual youth agenda ..." So they are apparently unconcerned with being connected to a group listed in hate crime databases. And apparently approve of their bizarre and harassing tactics, some of which is posting pictures online of minor children without their parents consent.

 's picture

Wow Ray, I just spent time

Wow Ray, I just spent time looking at their sick site and reading related articles about their public appearances. Mr Camenker has spent time testifying that Nazi's didn't do anything to gays, and Mrs. Contrada lambasted her own child on the internet (poor kid, to be a lesbian and have that for a mother!). The Southern Poverty Law Center listed massresistance as a hate group.

 's picture

You might want to look at

You might want to look at the groups from Cali and Utah that have been pouring money into this state for the yes camp. For example the anti-gay group, America Forever, based in Utah and founded by a brother and sister that immigrated to the US from Mexico sent out faxes to Maine businesses lambasting our Senators in picture and word as satanic witches and included a "kill Obama" video reference. What started this is a law that is in place, not put there by Californians, but rather by our own Governor. There are plenty of us in this state are sick of seeing hate and tired of hearing jokes about throwing gays off of bridges. Again, look up the 350 + Maine lawyers that debunked the lies told by the yes on 1 campaign.

 's picture

OMG your an idiot. I ask

OMG your an idiot. I ask everyone in the yes on 1 camp, do you appreciate the fact that people think you are all like this person?? Do you realize that all these arguments boil down to people hearing just this rhetoric? What's next? Are you going to claim that all gay people are going to dress up in hot pants and boas and drag your kids out of your home and into a parade??? Oh, I have a headache now. Moron.

 's picture

I'm sure that's the same

I'm sure that's the same inane argument that was used when they passed the law that blacks could marry whites.


the YES on 1 folks are

the YES on 1 folks are making one simple argument - deny gays in our society equal status because they are disgusting people.
We need to vote NO on 1 to tell our fellow citizens that we not only accept them we will try our best to honor and protect them as I hope we do with all our fellow citizens.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

 's picture

*Standing ovation* to Jon.

*Standing ovation* to Jon. Well said.


sammie demands rational

sammie demands rational replys to his incoherent comments. Sammie is worried about the "obscene promiscuity" of gay men. What discourages promiscuity, why marriage which sammie's against. Sammie's concerned about huge increases in STD's among gays. But his sources are 11 to 17 years old. 40% of teenage girls mostly heterosexual have or have had an STD. STD's are spread by promiscuous sexual activity. Homosexual sexual activities are the same a heterosexual. Heterosexuals engage in them at the same rates as Homosexuals. What discourages the spread of STD's. Marriage which sammie opposes.

Sammie why do we have to be rational when you aren't.
Vote NO on 1 Help reduce the spread of STD's and promiscuity
Jon Albrecht Dixfield


While it will take many

While it will take many years to work out the process that takes place to create sexual orientation. It will occur. But based on what we know now almost no chance exists that sexual orientation is a choice any more than eye, hair, or skin color. Although I will admit that sexual behavior is a choice. And I will admit that under extreme trama like brutal rape or Christian indoctrination sexul behavior may be different than sexual orientation. It would be a serious violation of human rights if the state dictated sexual behavior except where they have compelling reasons like incest.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

 's picture

Even with your numbers,

Even with your numbers, which you do not quote your source on (I would like to read the information myself), nor do you show which of those numbers are gay vs. straight, you still do not show how granting a human being the right to be in a legal monogamist relationship has anything to do with this particular argument. Are you simply afraid that the tax breaks will reduce taxes collected in this state? Do you really think gay people will go away if you vote yes? Could you possibly see that if people didn't have to hide they would be better protected from these diseases? I cannot continue to follow your distorted logic on disease. It really has nothing to do with the issue at hand, and the vote will not change our ability to see the stats differently. I'll let the documented sources I posted stand and this will be the last of my comments on this particular branch of this discussion.

 's picture

You deliberately

You deliberately misunderstand me. I do not have an issue with skin color, sadly the updated stats include that information. Your point is counter productive, as marriage inherently means monogamy and commitment to one partner which reduces the rates of disease, and you are voting to deny that right.

 's picture

Source: 2009:

Source: 2009:
"We are now in the third decade of the HIVIAIDS epidemic. The epidemic has changed in many important ways. For example, there have been dramatic declines in the occurrence of new HIV and AIDS cases since the beginning of the epidemic and today, however, the news is not universally positive. Tragically, the majority of those affected by HIVIAIDS are African-Americans and other people of color, which is in contrast to the early years of the epidemic."
Again I ask, do you have anything that has current data? I do, I just gave it to you. Your beating a dead horse with the statistics that are well over 10 years old.

 's picture

"Despite the significant

"Despite the significant reductions in perinatal HIV transmission and cases of congenital syphilis in the United States, African-American children still remain at risk. In 2004, 71 percent of the infants reported as having HIVIAIDS were African American, and 63 percent of U.S. children younger than 13 years of age who had a new AIDS diagnosis were African-American. Also in 2004,44 percent of the reported cases of congenitai syphiiis were among African-American infants." source hiv_aa_dearcolleague.pdf. Those aren't stats about gay people, those are stats on children. The problem isn't about gays, it's about not having information to keep yourself and your unborn children safe when your sleeping with someone. You need current stats to validate your point.

 's picture

Hook, when are you going to

Hook, when are you going to site your source?

 's picture

Here's one for you, lefties.

Here's one for you, lefties. Michelle Obama is firmly opposed to same-sex marriage.

Think of it. Michelle Obama agrees with Madore. What's a liberal to do?

 's picture

LOL try doing a search with

LOL try doing a search with her name and "homosexuality" what you find is a bunch of people that thump a bible but don't live it proclaiming she's satin's minion for promoting equality. Nice try. There are a lot of her speeches printed that show her belief in equality and anti hate.

 's picture

My, my Stacey, aren't we

My, my Stacey, aren't we gullible? You actually think the Obamas would put that out there, and it would be available on the web. See how your little mind works.

 's picture

Oh, my bad, my bad. I didn't

Oh, my bad, my bad. I didn't realize we were talking about the *conspiracy* stuff now. No need to quote a source, all conspiracy theory's are valid without proof, I forgot. Shame on me for not being "gullible" while listening to Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck, they know everything and don't have to prove a thing. I forgot how broad a mind I'm dealing with, dismiss all proof and just go with the flow......... That's real and true. I think I found your volcano with the aliens in it, wanna go for a walk and see??

 's picture

Oh, it's like beating your

Oh, it's like beating your head against a brick wall of ignorance. Do you think, if someone you love is dying, that anyone has the right to keep you from them? If your not married they can. In spite of power of attorney or any other papers, you can be kept in a waiting room while that person dies alone. Did your spouse tell you to pull the plug? If your not married it doesn't matter, you have no say. Do you enjoy the "married filing jointly" break you get on taxes? If I don't like the religion you got married in or if you make love sideways or upside down, should I be able to keep you from getting it? Should my child be allowed to tell your child that their parents are evil so they are going to hell because I don't like something you do? That is the extent of the school thing by the way, unless your feeding into the proven lies these paranoid idiots are giving you. But then again, if your feeding into them, then you probably believe fossils are a hoax and again we are beating our heads against the brick wall of your ignorance. More than 350 lawyers in Maine have debunked the lies told by the yes on 1 camp. Do your own thinking.

 's picture

You're articulate. About as

You're articulate. About as articulate as the bought and paid-for Yolanda.

 's picture

You're articulate. About as

You're articulate. About as articulate as the bought and paid-for Yolanda.

 's picture

Of course the left

Of course the left characterizes anyone who opposes them as bigots. Liberals always do this.

The fact reamins that homosexuals cannot procreate. End of story.

NEW FLASH: According to a good New York City source, Michelle Obama is staunchly opposed to gay marriage. Any comments, lefty?

 's picture

Quote your source? As for

Quote your source? As for procreation, then no one that cannot have a baby should be allowed to be married. Do you qualify? Do you also live by all of the commands in Leviticus? Let me know when your burning your fatted calf at your church door for your sins of the day, I'll bring the red dogs.

 's picture

Sorry property, view my

Sorry property, view my response below. Trained professionals refuse to classify it as a mental disorder, the only people doing so are people with no medical knowledge at all. Sounds very "Scientology" to me. Sadly marriage and government go hand in hand, if you don't like that, then do what I suggested and petition to remove your religious word from my government and go get "civil unioned" to have the tax breaks the government offers.

 's picture

Doing a search of your key

Doing a search of your key words (outside of the "effeminate or masculine" 12 y.o.) leads to several interesting articles about s.t.d's and *gasp* African/American people. Does that mean that since I googled it it must be a current and true study?? Have I been mislead? Should we take random studies from the early 80's or 90's and apply that to creating a new law outlawing marriage and/or sex for certain nationalities? Oh the ignorance.... Please explain to me exactly how this law will directly affect YOUR life. Not some random "it's for the kids" or, "not in my church" stuff, but how it will walk into your front door and make your life worse? How will 2 people committing to each other for life, paying taxes, and being there to hold the others hand when they die affect your life personally? If you rationalize the statistics, they are for behavior that is not included in a committed relationship. Promiscuity happens across the lines and marriage is designed for monogamy. Confused 12 year old's commit suicide when they have no one to care enough to be there for them, but instead have someone telling them they are freaks of nature and that homosexuals should all die. Gay exploration as you put it, is here. It has been. Marriage will not increase it, it will give people the opportunity to simply say "I'm committed to this person for my life time" with the tax benefits and the right to make medical decisions that do not affect you directly at all.

 's picture

APA CEO and Medical Director

APA CEO and Medical Director James H. Scully Jr., M.D., wrote:
“Based on scientific and medical evidence the APA declassified homosexuality as a mental
disorder in 1973 – a position shared by all other major health and mental health organizations
based on their own review of the science. I urge you to remove homosexuality from the ‘Physical
Disability Evaluation’ instruction.”
American Psychiatric Association document #200001 states in part: "Therefore, the American Psychiatric Association opposes any psychiatric treatment, such as reparative or conversion therapy which is based upon the assumption that homosexuality per se is a mental disorder or based upon the a priori assumption that the patient should change his/her sexual homosexual orientation."
As for civil unions, no one is asking your church to marry them and civil unions do not give the same legal standing as a marriage does according to the government. If you don't like the use of the word then start a petition to remove it from the governments use for everyone, I'll sign up for that, until then this is what is available.
You still have not said how this will personally affect you.

 's picture

Property, I ask it of all

Property, I ask it of all people that are using the lies that hate groups from Cali and Utah are spoon feeding Mainers. What I asked is HOW it would affect you. Answer is - it wouldn't. Hope your kids don't have to hide things from you in the future due to your scared and closed mind. Oh, and FYI if your homophobic hate is hand in hand with hating immigrants, one of the big Utah hate contributors is an immigrant from Mexico that came up and set up shop to tell American's how to vote. How's she doing in your camp?


Bob Emlich is the pleasant

Bob Emlich is the pleasant face of the neo-nazi hate groups while Madore is the ugly himmler face. But they both subscribe to the final solution.
Vote NO on 1. Let all Maiers enjoy the rights nd priveleges of bein citizens.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

 's picture

Typical of the left to use

Typical of the left to use the bigotry argument. Who's doing the hating here?

 's picture

Madore is your picture

Madore is your picture perfect LA bigot trying to disguise his own issues with homosexuals by framing it as a threat to society. Paul you don't like gay marriage THEN DON'T GET ONE, and leave it to individuals to decide for themselves if they want to be married. Isn't that what a true conservative would say? Guess Paul is just a raging bigot. Makes me proud to call LA home. /rant

Any problem that can't be solved with taxcuts, republicans pretend doesn't exist.

 's picture

Madore said something. Who

Madore said something. Who gives a flying hoot? “Maine Grassroots Coalition, has spent about $8,300 on the campaign so far, according to state campaign finance reports. About $3,200 has gone toward paying himself and his wife, Susan, for their efforts.” Hilarious. What a martyr. He should grow a little nose-widthed mustache.

 's picture

I think too much media

I think too much media attention is being given to organizations, as distinct from issues. When we vote on Question 1, we are not voting on which organization we like best. I knew where I stood on this issue before I ever heard of any of these organizations, and the same may be true of most voters. Certainly "Stand for Marriage Maine," although they talk as if they had some official authority to speak for all the Mainers on the Yes side of the issue, has no such authority. We never elected them. And I have been sufficiently turned off by their tactics that when I put a "Yes on 1" sign on my lawn I had it made by a local sign shop rather than using one that says "Stand for Marriage Maine."

Every few days I get another mailing from Marc Mutty or Bob Emrich. They say many things I agree with, but the punch line is always, "Send us money." They talk as if the number of Yes votes on Question 1 will depend on the number of dollars sent to Marc Mutty. I don't think it does. I wrote a pamphlet, "There is no Right to be Agreed with," and printed and distributed it at my own expense to thousands of voters. Many have told me it's the best thing they have read on the subject, and I recently learned of a favorable comment even by someone on the other side. But Marc Mutty, after praising the pamphlet to the skies, refused to contribute to my costs or to distribute the pamphlet because I would not give him control of the printing! Good luck to him, but I don't want his logo on my publication.

 's picture

Nice sales pitch, made me

Nice sales pitch, made me revert back to google. Interesting blog about your publications here: and your opinions about 06/06/06 are also interesting (wrong, but interesting in that "if I took a psych class would I write a paper about her" interesting). Good to see that all the (for lack of a better word due to the information you yourself provide to the public) nutjobs are gathered together here.

GARY SAVARD's picture

Even if "gay" marriage

Even if "gay" marriage stands after next tuesday, homosexuality will not be normalized. Just because you change the laws of man doesn't mean you have changed the laws of nature. THAT, you can't do. YES ON #1!

 's picture

Wikipedia: List of animals

Wikipedia: List of animals displayig homosexual behavior, with all referenced articles listed:
The list is just to long to copy here. Laws of nature??

 's picture

These people that are of the

These people that are of the same sex aren't hurting anyone. They want protection and should be aloud to get it by getting married if they want to. No one has the right to tell someone else who they can love. Vote NO on #1...Equal rights...

 's picture

You have not given any

You have not given any founded or logical reason for doing so. You refuse to attempt to rebut the medical proof given, and will not touch the fact that over 350 lawyers looked at all the lies being spread about this law and debunked them. You still continue to spout them. Do you have no factual proof of your standing? Are you seriously basing your voting on lies, fear, and hate? How sad.


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