Electronics, furniture store opening in Oxford

OXFORD — A new business is about to open on Route 26, bringing additional employment opportunities to the Oxford Hills.

Leslie H. Dixon/Sun Journal

Leslie H. Dixon/Sun Journal

A new roof is being installed on the former Oxford True Value store on Route 26 in Oxford in preparation for the opening of Aaron's Inc. next month. The business rents, leases-to-own and sells brand-name home and office furniture, electronics and computers.

Aaron's Inc., which rents, leases-to-own and sells brand-name home and office furniture, electronics and computers, is set to open in late November in a building next to The Tractor Supply Co.

"We're very excited. It will be our very first store in the state of Maine," said Dave Edwards, president and chief operating officer of SEI/Aaron's, the largest Aaron's franchise company.

He said they expect to open the store in November and employ six
or seven local people, including the general manger who will come out
of the Lewiston store.

"As the store grows we'll add more associates," Edwards said. The larger stores normally have about 15 associates, he said.

 Although there are a handful of other Aaron's stores in Maine, including one in Lewiston, Edwards said this is the first one the franchise has owned from the start in Maine and the 75th store the franchise owns throughout New England.

SEI/Aaron's was founded in 1995 by Charles Smithgall and opened its first store that year, expanding the franchise to New England in 1999.

The franchise bought the corporate-owned Aaron's stores in Maine about two years ago, Edwards said. "We bought the corporate stores because they weren't performing very well. Operationally we made strides over the last two years to continue to expand," he said.

Edwards said the franchise also plans on opening other stores throughout Maine in the next 36 to 48 months. No specific locations were available.

Thefranchise is headquartered in Atlanta. He described Aaron's as a "hybrid retail establishment," that guarantees the lowest price on household goods.

"If a customer found a better price we would beat that price and pay the customer $100," Edwards said. "We also do no-credit-check lease."

When asked how well the franchise fares with the no-credit-check leasing policy, Edwards said, "I've been in the industry 20 years. Most people are good."

He said one of the things that sets Aaron's apart is the store's policy to lease on a 12-month basis rather than weekly.

Rent-A-Center and Colortyme are considered to be Aaron's biggest competitors in the area, Edwards said. "They're good competitors, particularly Colortyme. They're well managed with very strong values in upper management," he said.

Aaron's grand opening is expected sometime in late November.


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HMMMMM.. I wonder what part

HMMMMM.. I wonder what part of "no" some people haven't understood all the other times they've tried to push their ideas through in the past.

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Oakley45: Face it people,

Oakley45: Face it people, we all gamble every day. We gamble that we won't have a housefire, and pay for insurance against the possibility, our daughters gamble that they won't get pregnant "just this once"; we gamble we will not get hit by the oncoming car as we dart across main street; we gamble that we can wait one more day before we pay that bill ... life is a gamble. 99.9% of us can handle the activity and see it as entertainment. That tiny minority who cannot, who ruin their lives with it, should not dictate to the rest, or eliminate the possibility of good paying jobs and tax revenues. It defies all logic why Down East Maine (or any other more heavily populated area) has the right to scrap a potential income source for Oxford County. I think it is just "dog in the manger" action ...they don't want to see someone else get ahead.


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