Setting the record straight

I'd like to set the record straight regarding issues raised in a recent letter to the editor, which said I called the acquisition of the Androscoggin Bank Colisée a "no-brainer" and alleges I attempted to stand in the way of its sale. Both statements are lies.

It is true that I voted in favor of acquiring the Colisée back when the issue was raised of the ownership's inability to follow through on their contract with the Lewiston Maineiacs. Had we not acquired it, we would have risked losing one of the visible bright spots in our community.

However, the "no-brainer" quote the author attributed to me was in fact made by a different city councilor. This was a very serious real estate and contractual matter; I would not have referred to it with a flippant remark such as that.

Regarding the sale of the building to Firland Management, I never publicly raised "objections" to the sale, which the author credited my electoral opponent with championing. I wasn't even a city councilor at that time. Again, it was a different city councilor objecting.

To make false accusations such as these is dangerous and misleading. Our city deserves more than being misled and uninformed.

Mark Paradis, Lewiston

Candidate for Mayor of Lewiston

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Nice lies Paradis and nice

Nice lies Paradis and nice job getting a letter in after the deadline since the letter you responded to ran after the deadline.

Paradis voted no on the RFP which allowed Firland to bid and ultimately buy the Colisee. Had he prevailed the city would still be losing money. That is the exact point that was made in the original letter. But since Paradis needs to lie to win why not one more.

And Paradis was, and continues to be, an advocate of Casella, just ask the citizens in Ward 6 he yelled at about it.

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I have not fogotten your

I have not fogotten your last run as city counselor. Lewiston can not afford another round of your leadship

 's picture

I'm voting soon Mark. What

I'm voting soon Mark. What about the deal with Casella regarding the Lewiston Landfill? Where did you actually stand there? Any information would help me on Tuesday.


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