Respect for marriage

The vote on Question 1 was a yes vote for the good people of Maine and a no vote to Gov. John Baldacci, who arrogantly believes he knows what is best for Maine, even though the people of Maine had told him a couple times what they want.

To now say that Maine has moved backward and that Maine people are closed-minded does not seem fair. The people of Maine accept that people who choose an alternative lifestyle are protected under Maine law; that domestic partners are allowed in Maine. Maine has allowed people to live and love the way they want.

Those who are in favor of same-sex marriage should respect the people of Maine, and respect and cherish the word marriage as it has been, because Maine is the way life ought to be.

David Richards, Lewiston

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Cause it's not Maine that we

Cause it's not Maine that we are ashamed of, it's the people who are full of hate and fear that we are ashamed of. A beautiful state, but a majority of the people on Nov. 4th showed how ugly they were/are on the inside.

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tron says Would breeders

tron says

Would breeders allow their "marriage" to suddenly become civil unions?

This is what the No on 1 people call a non-gay female--nice huh?? But yet we are the hater's and the bigots--what a crock!!!!

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Maine has moved backward and

Maine has moved backward and some in Maine I agree are close-minded... and that is fair to say at the very least. The people of Maine who supported yes on 1 DO NOT accept that people who choose an alternative lifestyle and they do not accept nor support that 'domestic partnership'. 'Are allowed in Maine'!?!- As though the 'people' of Maine ok'd people to be hmosexual, right!?! yes on 1 supporters have not allowed people to live and love the way they want.

No one has to respect any outcome such as when Same-Sex Marriage is passed those who oppose it will be outraged... Speak for yourself when you say 'people of Maine' buddy-cuz in general and on a large scale of things-most do not agree with you. Those who are in favor of same-sex marriage respect AND cherish the word marriage-its values, what it means, the commitment, the unity... This isn't some game or some joke that Same-Sex supporters and couples take lightly-this is THEIR LIVES!?!


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I am in favor of changing

I am in favor of changing the sign welcoming people to Maine from "Maine the way life should be" to "Maine the way ignorance should be."

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I actually I currently live

I actually I currently live in South Portland at the college I'm attending. FYI I voted for No on 1, along with the majority of those who reside here. In honesty I'm ashamed to say I'm from Lewiston, but what can you expect from Lewiston when all the well educated citizens and free-thinkers leave the city.

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i agree jotter...

i agree jotter...


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