Michaud, Pingree support health care bill

LEWISTON — U.S. Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree, both Democrats, voted in support of the health care reform bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives on Saturday by a vote of 220-215.

Michaud, who represents Maine's 2nd District, had said Friday he wasn't certain how he would vote. In a statement released on Saturday, Michaud said after hundreds of meetings and "lots of soul searching" he decided to support the sweeping legislation, despite his concerns.

"I have decided that being at the table will more effectively advance the interests of the people of Maine than by standing on the sidelines," he said in the statement. "I remain concerned about parts of the bill that cut Medicare and Medicaid. These concerns were raised by many in Maine, and I have made sure that they have been heard by the highest levels of government in our nation."

Pingree, who represents Maine's 1st District, had previously announced her support for the House bill.

"I am so proud to be here casting the vote that so many of my constituents have waited too long for," she said in a statement released Saturday. "This bill moves us much closer to a time when no one can be denied health care coverage because of a pre-existing condition, no one can be told you can't have health care coverage, no one will have to go into personal bankruptcy."

The U.S. Senate has yet to schedule a vote on its version of the legislation. If the Senate passes a health care bill, Democratic leadership from the House and Senate will meet to write a compromise version, which reconciles the differences between the two. Both would then have to pass the new draft of the legislation before it would get sent to the president's desk for a signature.

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Both should be

Both should be congradulated. Rep. Mike Michaud had the much tougher vote. Many people (some on this page) have been fooled and mislead by industry propaganda but the fact remains that low Medicare reimbursement rates weaken health care in rural Maine. Rep. Michaud has fought hard to make those concerns heard. This historic bill had to pass and in the end Rep. Michaud listen to his constituents.
Now we need the Senate to pass it or something similiar and then take it to conference and make it better. Watch. Collins and Snowe will vote to protect insurance company profits not the people of Maine.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

 's picture

Not only will it make some

Not only will it make some companies keep their numbers down, but will also drive up costs for services; reducing the amount of new work out there.

It is the undauntable thought, my friend. The one that says, "I'm right!" ~Bobby Sands

 's picture

Just two more sheep that are

Just two more sheep that are following the anointed one in ruining our country. Hopefully the country will wake up soon and see what those crooks and fools in Washington are doing to destroy our country. Chellie Pengree is just a rich puppet who is NOT doing what she should for Maine but Mike Michaud should know better.

 's picture

About time we had people

About time we had people representing us who follow the wishes of their constituents!! Collins?? Snowe?? Not so much, but then again it doesn't matter as they are irrelevant at this point.

Any problem that can't be solved with taxcuts, republicans pretend doesn't exist.


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