Turner planners to discuss Hannaford proposal

TURNER — Town leaders plan to continue their review Wednesday of Turner's biggest commercial development in decades, Hannford's proposed 36,000-square-foot supermarket on Route 4.

Such issues as traffic, wetlands, parking, lighting will be addressed by the Planning Board at a meeting scheduled for 7:30 p.m. at the town office on Route 117.

"We're there to respond to the range of items required by the town's ordinance," a spokesman for Hannaford said Monday.

The project would be among the biggest ever tackled in the small town. The last one of comparable size happened at the DeCoster egg farm in the 1980s.

The construction site would cover almost eight acres of property, which borders on the Snell Hill Road. Plans call for well drilling, the creation of 161 parking spaces and the installation of a traffic light and turning lane on Route 4.

The store would be comparable in size to Hannaford markets in Winthrop,China and Gray. Lewiston, Auburn and Oxford have larger stores.

The project has drawn criticism from some townspeople, including members of the Turner Village
Preservation Committee, who worry that the character of the town could be tarnished by the project. Petitions have circulated calling for a ban on buildings larger than 15,000 square feet.

The store would also occupy property owned by the Androscoggin Land Trust. A swap of property between Hannaford and the land trust would be used to offset the development.

A public hearing held in early October drew more than 70 people, Turner Town Manager Eva Leavitt said.

The project was announced in May.


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oh, and btw Johnny P, I go

oh, and btw Johnny P, I go to the Food City almost every day, and have NEVER seen any mice "running around". I also have worked in several grocery stores in my life and FC is one of the CLEANEST ones I've seen. The staff there are pleasant and willing to help you find what you need, and they ASK if you need help. I've never gotten that service at a Hannaford, good luck finding any clerk to help you there.

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We don't need a big box

We don't need a big box grocery store in our town. For starters, the area that they are proposing are wetlands that are already in short supply. For seconds, we have a wonderful grocery store that just did a MAJOR revamp to their location, making it bigger and adding more products. The prices are more than comparable to the city stores, and I find the meat and produce to be very fresh. Its not like you have to drive for hours to get to LA, if people choose to shop there its only 20 minutes, if even. Yes, it would be convenient to have a pharmacy, but there are several storefronts in the mall available for that. Hannaford needs to find someplace else to flex its corporate muscle. I will be at that meeting Wednesday night. I have found that the town is easy to work with, we have never had an issue getting permits for things that we have done to our house or the business that I work at in the area.


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