County releases video of duct tape incident at jail

The Sun Journal filed a Freedom of Access Act request last week with the Androscoggin County Commissioners'  office to get a copy of video captured on Androscoggin County Jail security cameras at about 11:30 p.m. on Sept. 22.

The video images depict corrections officers binding one of their workers to an office chair with duct tape,  then wheeling him into the prisoner transport elevator and sending him to another floor in the jail. He is wheeled out of the elevator and back into the booking area of the jail where he eventually frees himself from the duct tape (not shown in the jail videotape.) 

Several corrections officers were disciplined last week due to their involvement in the incident.

Shown in the first frame of the video are: Corrections Officer Robert Murphy, distant right; Sgt. Kevin Harmon, distant left, seated; Cpl. Patrick Gorham, foreground, back to camera; Corrections Officer John Morissette, seated front left. 
Harmon later resigned. Murphy was suspended without pay for a 48-hour period and put on probation for three months. Gorham, who also was involved in an earlier incident, was fired.  

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 's picture

Give me a break! When I was

Give me a break! When I was in the service, this stuff went on all the time. We were bored... in a high pressure job... and nobody was ever injured. Leave these guys alone! Chalk it up to a little testosterone driven mischeif and let it be.

It is the undauntable thought, my friend. The one that says, "I'm right!" ~Bobby Sands

 's picture

Like to see those s.o.b's do

Like to see those s.o.b's do that to me, i would take into my own hands. Thay would want to move out of state.

Rufus Ham's picture

I would almost wager, I say

I would almost wager, I say almost, that the negative comments on this issue, written by these people, have not worked in a place where their co-workers do have fun at times in their work to help break the monotomy, and no one gets hurt. Happens all the time. I personally believe it's a bunch of balony for anybody getting fired for these antics. Notice the individual getting taped was smiling at times? Maybe just as well all work areas at all places do not have a camera. Be a l;ot of firing. Speaking of camera's, am sure these Officers were aware they were being taped, and figured the whole ordeal was indeed harmless. Naturally, this note is my take on the ordeal!
ole rufe


K0NPHL1C7, it's men like you

K0NPHL1C7, it's men like you that frighten me. The victim obviously isn't filing charges because he's afraid of reprecussions. I beleive guys like you suffer from male anatomy envy.

Jeff Parshall's picture

The victim is far from

The victim is far from afraid of the individuals. He was there roomate and he still hangs around with them. I know the guy and he is far from afraid. They all did these kinds of pranks to eachother at home all of the time. No one knows these guys. The are good people who just made a stupid mistake. Non of these guys would purposely hurt people. I do not believe any person writing in has a perfect life or is perfect themselves. I believe everyone has most likely done something in their life they were not proud of but would most likely not want to be bashed for life.

 's picture

Well, since you appear to be

Well, since you appear to be a "regular," I'll forgive your ignorance. But in the "real world," MEN do not behave this way...children do. There's no place for children to babysit criminals.

 's picture

If this is acceptable

If this is acceptable behavior to coworkers can you imagine what they must do to inmates. Looks like we got our very own Gitmo right here in Auburn, except these thugs are abusing drunks instead of terrorists.

 's picture

What's the big deal????

What's the big deal???? Everyone likes to play around at work. No it was not professional but I don't see it as a big bust on the jail.... Let's not over react here....

 's picture

Clearly you've never worked

Clearly you've never worked with criminals! Idiot...

Jeff Parshall's picture

To start. I am not the bad

To start. I am not the bad guy in this. I am just throwig out there for the public to know there are always more than one side to a story. The reason Harmon was allowed to resign is becuase the county had no choice. He did it before he was terminated. Next, all hoped Pat would keep his job in some way, that is why he did not resign. As for the video. I do agree it does not look good to the public, but it is obvious from your comments you have some terrible deep rooted feelings towards the county. I was trying to stick up for those employees, which are the majority, who are good people. I am just stating facts not feelings. When people make statements it is not slander. Stating that people who usually make bad comments in these situations are also the ones who have had problems themselves is not in any way slander. It is anything said to cause defamation of ones character. No one here has been mentioned literally so it is not a slander towards any specific person. Someone would either have to be an inmate or an employee to speak as such about these officers. If the person is not an inmate and is making these comments I just they are carerful at what they write about others. This person, whoever it is, takes everything as though it is being witten about them. The article was to point out that not all people are bad, soemtimes good people make incorrect choices. That is all. What was written was not in any way intended to cause any problems, but to point a possible other side of things for people to read.

Jeff Parshall's picture

I feel truthfulbitch makes

I feel truthfulbitch makes comments more from feelings but not from the truth. The overall employee at the county does not have problems with their supervisors. In law enforcement sometimes officers do pranks to eachother, granted sometimes to far, but it releases tension. The county does not just go and hire officers who are part of the good ole boys club. There are several supervisors who are not part of the good ole boys club. As for the comment on hiring males only. There have been plenty of female supervisors in the county. I do not believe any of those females were terminated from their jobs. One female was even a Lt for a few years. This is not the kind of thing that happens on a daily thing at the jail. Most of the time people who write in bad comments of others are the employees who were not good officers themselves. I hope people do not just read the bad comments but also the good ones. Those officers involved were not bad people. They just made a mistake. As a matter of fact the officer who had this done to them in the video was and still is a friend to all involved. If it was something that bad wouldn't the officer be upset. Sometimes things look worse than they really are.

what are they getting paid

what are they getting paid for anyway???they say how busy they are...never enough help, always stretched to the limit but this is what really goes on..and let them find you alone and you're up the creek cause it's your word against theirs..glad they were caught , but this is probably just the tip of the iceberg..

You'd think they would of

You'd think they would of been bright enough not to do it in front of a video camera. It's nice to see they take their job so seriously.


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