Paris recall ordinance presented

PARIS — Selectmen will consider a recall ordinance at their next meeting on July 27.

On Monday, the board voted to table any discussion and action on the item to allow time to review the ordinance. The document was prepared by the Policy and Procedures Committee.

Under the rules of the ordinance, any elected official in Paris with the exception of SAD 17 directors could be recalled. A number equaling at least 10 percent of the registered voters in Paris from the last gubernatorial election would have to sign a petition calling for an official's recall.

The petition would have to include the name and office of the person the petitioners seek to remove, as well as the reason for seeking action against the official. The petition would have to be addressed to selectmen "having no interest in the subject matter of the petition" and include the name and contact information of at least one representative of the petitioners.

The selectmen would be required to order an election by secret ballot within 14 days of receipt of the petition, asking voters whether the official should be recalled. The election itself would occur 30 to 60 days after receipt, though selectmen would be authorized to have it coincide with a regular municipal election if one was taking place within 90 days of receipt.

The official would be allowed to appear at a public hearing within seven days of the election. Officials with fewer than four months in office or fewer than 60 days of a multi-year term could not be subjected to recall, and an official who is not removed by recall could not have another recall petition filed against them until at least six months after the election.

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Having a Recall ordinance

Having a Recall ordinance allows the public to get Selectman out of office if they do not live up to their position. Van Buren Recalled one selectman this year and by the sounds Paris needs to get rid of one if not two of their Selectman. it seems as if once in office, Power takes over. Good luck folks.


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