Auburn to take bids for ambulance service

AUBURN — Plans to hire United Ambulance to respond to medical emergency calls in the city will have to wait for a formal bidding process.

City Manager Glenn Aho said the city needs to put out a request for proposals to find an ambulance company to provide emergency medical service to meet federal Medicare guidelines.

"We just found that out, and so we're in the process of doing a full RFP (request for proposals) process — even though United is the only ambulance service in this area," Aho said.

Councilors agreed in May to do away with the city's own rescue service and vehicle dispatched through the fire department.

The city service will continue until the RFP process is finished and the city signs a contract with an ambulance company.

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flycessna: a few more

flycessna: a few more thoughts: 1) I've lived in 2 cities where the EMS service was provided by the hospital(s) through a non-profit service for over 20 years each. In these two cases, the hospitals suddenly announced they were ending service due to losing too much money. Transfers make money; 9-1-1 calls do not. 2) The first sentence of the article states "Plans to hire United Ambulance to respond to medical emergency calls in the city will have to wait for a formal bidding process." How much will the city have to pay United? Most cities that have an exclusive service with one company pay that company to provide minimum staffing. Will it cost more than the city is saving by eliminating Rescue 1? And what if another company bids and submits low bid? I've seen that happen also.....

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flycessna: no one is

flycessna: no one is questioning the professionalism of United. In the most severe cases, multiple trauma and cardiac arrest, two or more paramedics improve the patient's outcome. Unless you've been a paramedic (I was for over 20 years) and have worked in both a single-tier and dual-tier response system (I have), then as a lay person, it would appear that AFD's responses are "unnecessary."

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I think the problem here is

I think the problem here is that we already have an excellent provider in United Ambulance, a private "non profit" company. When a service can be provided through private enteprise and provided as well as United does it, do we need to waste extra money on a government provided service? I dont think it is a good idea or necesasary, I really do not see a need for it! I've seen many incidents where both Auburn's fire rescue and United go on the same calls and it is really unecessary. I have the utmost respect for the men and women of Auburn fire and I am sure they did an excellent job with EMS and are sad about losing it.. But I just think very highly of United and the service it provides to the area.

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This whole thing is

This whole thing is Ridiculous! How can you do away with a 20+ year service that actually saves lives and provides citizens with an extra margin of medical safety? Fire departments across the country are EXPANDING EMS services! Cost savings could have been found in other areas of the city's budget.


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