Auburn cuts ribbon on Riverwalk Underpass

AUBURN — A little rain Friday couldn't deter well-wishers from celebrating the opening of a walking path connecting Auburn's Riverwalk to West Pitch Park.

A group of about 20 gathered on the underpass, sheltered by Longley Bridge, to watch Mayor John Jenkins cut the ribbon and officially open the path.

"Pathways are meant to connect people," Jenkins said. "That's what this pathway actually does — it makes a connection to better health and recreation for our citizens. It's why we're seeing a lot of people using this pathway."

Crews finished
paving the path earlier this month. It connects Auburn's Riverwalk path, which runs
along the Androscoggin River, to the path behind the Hilton Garden Inn.

City officials began applying for state and federal grants to complete the work in 2002, when Festival Plaza first opened.

Mike Auger, director of land protection and stewardship for the Androscoggin Land Trust, said the project is a key part of its plans for the river.

"As it connects other pieces and trails that have been made over the years, we now have usable trail that will help people get from point A to point B," Auger said. "It's a very important, very exciting thing for us."

City crews will be back in the spring to do some
landscaping along the path.

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Robert Hack Jr.'s picture

Well if you were in the

Well if you were in the traffic and WATCHING the nut cases in the middle of the road you would understand. If you weren't there then only a moron would comment. And oh yea spend more wasteful money on a stupid bike path that only a rich few use. Don't extend it, spend the money elsewhere its needed like lowering property taxes which in Auburn are the high in the county DUH

 's picture

Excellent job. I love the

Excellent job. I love the new pathway. Perhaps a future addition could be a stairway from the bridge to the path (and not having to walk down to the Hilton Garden Inn) so people could use the pathway as an alternative to crossing Court St. on the street level.

Bob Woodbury's picture

There isn't much vehicular

There isn't much vehicular traffic UNDER the bridge to "screw up traffic" and a pathway UNDER the bridge will keep traffic ON the bridge and officers OFF the bridge attending to pedestrians being stuck by cars. If you read the story, it says they were UNDER the bridge, not "standing in the rain." Do you ever have anything GOOD to say about anyone or anything? Or do you just bitch about everyone and every thing on general principals?

Robert Hack Jr.'s picture

yea screw up traffic in the

yea screw up traffic in the middle of the road, in heavy rain and waste the cops time to screw up the traffic (6 of them) for something that was not needed. Way to go and we wonder why officals are wasting our money. The brains of this one should try doing some real work instead of standing in the rain. Most of us no when to come out of the rain.


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