Elderly man stabbed, beaten in Auburn

AUBURN — Ahmed Guled, an elderly man who fled Somalia to escape war, was shaken, in pain and confused Monday about why he was beaten and stabbed by a group of five men outside his home last week.

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Ahmed Guled, 73, is recovering in his home in Auburn after he was beaten, stabbed and robbed.

A few hours after being released from the hospital Monday, Guled, 73, sat in his living room surrounded by family.

He had stab wounds to his back and side. His nose, his chin, the top of his head was bruised. His stomach was swollen from being kicked. "I can't stand. I can't sleep. I can't breathe well," Guled said through an interpreter. "I'm very down emotionally and spiritually. I feel scared. I'm old. I not a person who can defend myself. I feel like the whole world is coming down on me."

The president of the African Immigrants Association, Said Mohamud, released details about Thursday's stabbing, saying it's important the community know what happened to an elderly person.

Mohamud said he's confident "justice will prevail" and those who committed the crime will be arrested. The attack is not believed to be racially motivated, but Mohamud said his group is worried about growing gang violence.

Auburn police are investigating.

"Any incident like this we take seriously," Auburn police Chief Phil Crowell said Monday. "Detective Chad Syphers has been working this investigation since Thursday night," he said. "We have some suspects we're looking at."

Auburn is a safe community, Crowell said, but added an incident like this can make some wonder if they are safe. Police have heard concerns about gang violence, but have not determined that the attack is related to such activity. "We're seeing no trends regarding gang violence," the chief said.

According to the victim, the trouble began Wednesday when a Somali man he knows came to him asking him to buy a junk car.

The man, who is in his 20s, towed the car to Guled's home. "He told me 'This car is broken. My family is moving to Boston. Will you please buy this car?' We agreed on $150. I paid him $150 and asked him to bring the title," Guled said.

Guled said he planned to give the old Toyota to a son or daughter who needed a vehicle. The man said he'd return with the title, he had to go home to retrieve it.

Several hours later he had not returned. Guled contacted the man's mother and told her what happened. She gave Guled her son's number. The next morning Guled called him asking for his money back or the title.

"He said some very derogatory language and said, 'You'll see what happens to you. I will not give you that money back,'" Guled said.

Around 8 p.m. Thursday the Somali man knocked on the door at their home at Androscoggin Apartments on Northern Avenue, asking for Guled. His wife, Marian Bunham, said her husband was not home. An hour later several American men knocked on her door, telling her they were police and said she had to open the door, she said. She did not, Bunham said. The men left when she told them she was calling police.

Around 10 p.m. Guled returned home. After taking two or three steps out of his car, five men surrounded him: the young Somali who sold him the car and four white Americans he did not know, Guled said.

One had a gun and pointed it at his head. "I told them 'I'm unarmed,'" Guled said.
They didn't shoot, but turned the gun around and beat him with the back of it. "I lost a tooth," he said. "They started beating me, kicking me, stabbing me. ... I feared for my life."

By the time it was over Guled said he was lying on the ground with three to four stab wounds and multiple injuries. They took his money, his credit cards, identification and wallet, he said.

After police arrived, Guled was taken to the hospital where he remained until Monday.

"That is all I know," he said.

He doesn't understand why he was beaten.

"It was a senseless attack," he said. "There was nothing between us" he said of the Somali man. "I was not expecting he would attack me or that he would use gang members against me."

Guled said he's lived in Auburn for two years. He fled Somali to escape civil war after losing several children and his property.

The immigrant association said this kind of attack leaves refugees, who suffer the aftereffects of war, feeling terrified. "They need peace," said Abdi Omar of the African Immigrants Association.


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 's picture

'On the other hand, you

'On the other hand, you perhaps experienced a day in the life of an abused Somali woman. Teach your men and boys to respect women.
Remember how being beat up feels. Shria law isn't as kind as your attack was.
You expect a women to take it but not a man?'

And this comment isn't suppose to be stereotypically motivated? NOT all Muslim men beat their wives or think its ok. I'm sure that many know the laws in the U.S. and Maine on domestic violence. I believe that the comment does more harm than good but stereotyping and generalize. How about we look at domestic violence and violence in American/Maine overall. The statistics are horrendous. It shouldn't be happening! It seems that you are asking an elderly man a question when you have no clue about his life or how he treats women. I mean geez! He was almost killed! Murdered! Where's the compassion?

I am not sure how feel about this... other than this is another misleading, ignorant comment. Know your neighbor better.

 's picture

This was a terrible thing

This was a terrible thing to happen to this old man. Five against one...What cowards...I hope they get the hell beat out of them when they go to prison and I hope it is soon. Give this old man back his money jerks...I wish you a speedy recovery Mr. Guled...

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"This car is broken....Will

"This car is broken....Will you please buy this car?"...
There's something wrong with the whole picture. A Somali kid participating in the robbery and beating of an elderly Somali man with four white American kids? All over $150 and a broken car? There's a whole 'nuther story to this one. Place your bets with the parrot in the back corner of the room, ladies and gents.


Yeah arrest them so we can

Yeah arrest them so we can support them in prsion better yet bring back the death penalty and use it for people like the ones who did this.

 's picture

It sounds like a pretty cut

It sounds like a pretty cut and dried case.The gentleman knew one of the attackers. So have they arrested him yet?? Put the pressure on him to reveal the other people involved.
So senseless, 73 years old and have to be subject to all that and the wife also.

 's picture

There are potentially a

There are potentially a number of reasons why no arrest has been made yet. If there are no eye winesses, it's "he said, he said," unless enough evidence can be collected to put the perps away. Unfortunately, the scales of justice tend to tip in favor of the criminal, and the burden of proof rests squarely on the shoulders of the victim and the prosecution.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, especially for people who are wrongly accused, but it sure sucks when you're trying to put the bad guys away. You have to make sure you cross all your "t's" and dot all your "i's" just right or they walk. You don't get an arrest warrant until you have the evidence to back it up.

John A. Chick

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." -- Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Colonel Charles Yancey (January 6, 1816)

 's picture

probably because no one

probably because no one called to make a complaint about a 'begger' as you put it... no complaint, then they can't really do anything about it. if he hasn't broken the law then there was no reason to arrest him. as far as for the police-they need to make sure that they have incriminating evidence to make an arrest? to make sure they get it right the 1st time. maybe they are waiting for cell phone records-who knows. this isn't CSI.

 's picture

this is not an argument, but

this is not an argument, but maybe a different perspective on situations for those who have been 'victimized' (i prefer survivor)... but wouldn't it prove to be detrimental for sake of healing to forgive and wish health and happiness when forgiving. I'm not saying for people who break the law to go free... they have to pay for the crime. I am not religious either-but to 'forgive them for what they do not know' or forgive them period to move on as a victim... to become a survivor. there has to be consequences for what these kids did to this poor man-there is no doubt in that. however, ahmed states that he is questioning his spirituality and everything else-living in fear. i understand this only heightens ptsd... when the time is right, its more empowering to be the one to take control and not let what these wanna-bes done to him-continue to victimize him?

 's picture

Awww! That's so

Awww! That's so heartbreaking! I can't believe wanna-be thugs would hurt a defenseless elderly gentleman after robbing him. Those punks will get whats coming-karma is gonna suck for them!


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