Backus, Crutchfield, Theiss among Fitzpatrick Trophy semifinalists

Ryan Backus of Mt. Blue, Nic Crutchfield of Dirigo and Eric Theiss of Leavitt are among the 11 semifinalists for the Fitzpatrick Trophy.

The award, given annually to the top high school football player in the state, will be presented in January. Coaches and media will select three finalists, to be announced Dec. 20.

The other semifinalists are Ryan Curit of South Portland, Thomas Foden of Cape Elizabeth, Lonnie Hackett of Bangor, Jack Mallis of Windham, Christian Powers of Windham, Ryan Stroud of Foxcroft Academy, and Bill Wetherbee of John Bapst. 


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 's picture

doesnt matter I will protest

doesnt matter I will protest anyway look at the other comment on the other pages I;m not the only one that thinks this way...


bigdaddy, the MPA has

bigdaddy, the MPA has nothing to do with the Fitzy. It's the State of Maine Chapter of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame.

Randy Whitehouse

 's picture

I think that after watching

I think that after watching the actions of Foden during the last two playoff games and previous regular season games I think his name should have been taken out of the running for the award. Unsportsmanlike actions (throwing his helmet), unsportsmanlike flags have been thrown on him 4 times this year and 4 times last year.. All you have to do is watch the replays on local access and you'll see. Even the announcer on the radio (WGAB who broadcast the games) said that Foden has a reputation of loosing his cool on the side lines and on the field when things are not going his way. It was mentioned not once but 4 times on the radio broadcast... On of the criteria's for this award is sportsmanship, If he wins I will personally protest to the MPA..


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