Holiday lights cut

LIVERMORE FALLS — Someone cut strands of Christmas lights that Wayne and Pat Knowlton put up to brighten the town and lift the holiday spirit of those who pass by.

It looks like someone was walking along and used a Leatherman or something similar to it, to randomly cut strands of lights on the hedges in front of the Knowlton's house at Route 133 and Depot Street, Livermore Falls police Lt. Thomas Gould said Monday. He believes it happened Friday night.

"It stinks. They spend a lot of money on it to make the town look good," Gould said.

"We noticed quite a few of the lights were out and when I went to fix them I saw that they were cut," Wayne Knowlton said. The damage was done to four, 3- by 3-foot nets of Christmas lights, he said.

"It's terrible," Knowlton said. "We try to decorate just for the town to make it look better ... It‘s a nice corner."

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Pepper pinetree is

Pepper pinetree is right but the police can't be everywhere. Newsworthy? you betcha!
The jerks who did this are in every town or city in Maine. What would be really newsworthy is when (or if) caught, their pictures were on the front pages of all newspapers plus where they live, instead of the slap on the pinkie and never making the newspaper.

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Is this newsworthy? Terrible

Is this newsworthy? Terrible yes but Livermore Falls has more serious problems to deal with. I think the Police should be dealing more wih the growing drug problems in town. It would be great if the paper did series of stories on the small towns struggling in the area. Perhaps the exposure would shine a light on a town's issues, what elected officials are doing to resolve them, and possibly open the door to oppurtunities. Help address those problems and I suspect you will not see lights getting cut by thugs. With the town's high unemployment, growing drug use, and bar just down the road, the suspects are endless.


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