Wish for re-instatement

I am writing to thank the Sun Journal editorial board for the July 16 editorial about the firing of Lewiston City Administrator Jim Bennett.

I wish that he could be reinstated.

Joanna Walsh-Ward, Lewiston

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 's picture

I had to hold my ribs they

I had to hold my ribs they ached so much from laughing after I read your editorial. I don't known what planet your editorial staff lives on but .... quote:

" The second mistake is that this insular council greatly
underestimated the response to Bennett's dismissal."

The only response I have heard from umpteen friends is: "The King is dead. Long live the King. The King is dead" No one in their right mind was sad to see 'King James" go his merry way into the twilight. Your "brilliant" editorial went on to say .... quote:

"Although not always beloved, Bennett had earned respect from many in this community for the city's turnaround. From the Southern Gateway to the All-America City designation, the changing face and fortunes of Lewiston during the past eight years can be directly attributed to Bennett's work"

All America City? What a joke! Pot holes everywhere on the downtown city streets so big you could plant trees in them. A downtown so disgraced that you have to search far and wide for a commercial retail business that was there just five years ago. Changing the "face" of Lewiston I will agree with .... downtown has changed to 'Little Mogadishu!' If you call that a good fortune, I'll sell you the Brooklyn bridge.

This city council should hold its heads high. They are the good Lewiston citizens that finally woke up to the "non administrative" stance King James was taking .... while all the while trying to consolidate a "political base" that would have put a strangle hold
on anything and everything the city might try to do to pull itself out of the oblivion it now finds itself.


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