Barrett eager to start, ready to listen

LEWISTON — Newly appointed City Administrator Ed Barrett spent Wednesday getting to know his staff, local journalists and city councilors.

Barrett began the day with a meeting with city staff department heads. That was followed by a late-morning news conference and lunch with Mayor Larry Gilbert and Tom and Nelson Peters, brothers who serve on the City Council.

"I now have something to do," Barrett said. "I now have to come back and prove to everyone I can accomplish all the great things they think I can."

Councilors voted unanimously Tuesday night to hire Barrett. He's scheduled to begin working for the city on Jan. 11, and will receive a $110,000 per year salary for the first six months on the job. After six months, his salary will increase to $116,000. Barrett replaces Jim Bennett, whom councilors voted to oust in July.

Barrett said he's eager to get started in Lewiston. He spent nearly 22 years on the job in Bangor and lists major revitalization of that city's downtown and riverfront among his top accomplishments.

That kind of revitalization is one of his goals here, as well.

"Lewiston has a long history as a very dense community built around a strong urban core," he said Wednesday. "I think we need to make sure that core remains the heart of the city and beats strongly going into the future."

He praised city staff and elected officials for managing the city and investing in Lewiston's future.

"At the same time, we know there are major challenges and opportunities that still confront us," Barrett said. He pledged to continue working with officials from Auburn and other towns to bring jobs and income to the area.

"While there are a lot of things that are very comparable between the city of Lewiston and the city of Bangor, there is a lot that is different," he said. "I need to learn those differences and I need to learn from people what they see as this community's goals, priorities and needs."

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Robert Hack Jr.'s picture

yea eager to get started

yea eager to get started hell yea i would too. The city is paying all moving exp, city paying big $$$$$ for car exp, city paying $6000 more in salary, and i'm sure he has a buy out clause so yea i would be eager to start as well. Boy its a good thing the tax payer of Lewiston are not to bright, oh thats why we have the council.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Bennett's looking better

Bennett's looking better every day.

Michael Hobbs's picture

I liked Bennet, but if you

I liked Bennet, but if you look at EVERYTHING Bennet got (New Car, free internet, free cell phone, etc...) compared to Barrett who is getting $6,000 more and moving expenses. It's seems like a similar deal, if not a little cheaper of a deal. As far as Barrett getting a free car I haven't heard of that.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Barrett was just voted out

Barrett was just voted out by the Bangor City Council. Meanwhile, there's Phil Nadeau who is always good enough to fill in during the interim periods while the search goes on for replacement candidates, but never really gets a fair shot at the job itself. Maybe he doesn't want it long term. Or, maybe it's just typical Lewiston politics.


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