Pace picks up in governor's race

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - Job creation has emerged as a dominant issue as the volume rises a notch in Maine's crowded gubernatorial race.

In TV ads that began airing Wednesday, Les Otten talks up his experience creating jobs. Other candidates also seeking the Republican nomination, Matt Jacobson and Bruce Poliquin, also list job creation as top priorities.

Several Democrats are also running. One of them, Rosa Scarcelli, has outlined a plan to create 50,000 jobs in Maine. Jobs are also a theme in campaigns of Democratic hopeful John Richardson.

More than 20 Democratic, Republican, Green and nonparty candidates are in the race that will be decided next November. The parties' candidates will be chosen in June.

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Hakim, Can you clarify what

Can you clarify what your jumbled comment meant, or means, your grammer is the laugh!


Jobs must be the top

Jobs must be the top priority of our next Democrat Govenor.
Having wrecked the US economy, Republicans continue their long held goal of destroying the middle class and by doing so enrich the super-rich. Since 1980, wages have remained stagnant while productivity has doubled. In other words all our economic activity have benefitted the rich while the middle class has been destroyed. Before 1980 productivity and wages moved up together with 60% of the gain in productivity going to workers. What changed in 1980? Ronald Reagan was elected President and immediately set to breaking the unions, out sourcing our jobs, and giving tax breaks to companies that moved overseas.
Jon Albrecht Dixfield

 's picture

Maine hasn't had a

Maine hasn't had a Republican governor since John McKernan. He wasn't a great governor but that's not the point I want to make. Maine's rating as a business friendly state has been poor for some time. Under Governor Baldacci it has steadily declined. Jobs are created by businesses so it's only logical that making it easier for businesses to operate in Maine will bring jobs to the state. Our democrat leadership in the state house and Blaine mansion has not improved Maine's business climate. Democrats had their chance and failed. It's time to give the other side a shot.


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