Guard at Maine jail releases wrong inmate

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) - Maine police are searching for an inmate who was mistakenly released from the Cumberland County Jail in Portland.

Police say 23-year-old Ahmed Ismail was mistaken Wednesday night for another inmate who had been bailed out. The correct inmate was released as well.

Capt. Steve Butts said he remained missing Thursday morning.

Ismail was arrested in July. He was being held on two counts of robbery and two counts of reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon.

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David Rossi's picture

I suspect there was some

I suspect there was some conspiricy between Ismail and someone else. It might be the guard but is more likely the inmate who was bailed out. To be released Ismail would have answered to and signed the other inmate's name. He received the other guy's clothes and belongings. That kind of fraud and deception would be enough to warrant an escape charge.

 's picture

Channel 13 keeps calling

Channel 13 keeps calling this guy an escaped inmate. He didn't escape, he was let out by authorities. They're using all kinds of excuses to charge this guy, but if you charge him, charge the idiot guards as accessories to escape, for they are totally culpable. Maybe the County jail has room.

Genise Knowlton's picture

And this is security?

And this is security?

This was kind of a stupid

This was kind of a stupid thing for this gaurd to do. Maybe it was done on purpose. Maybe they are friends...I do hope they catch this guy...

 's picture

I see Androscoggin County is

I see Androscoggin County is NOT the only one to hire idiots as jail employees. Maybe they should send then to some sort of training. Let's see treehugggar justify this stupidity.


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