Tenants' rights training in Lewiston

LEWISTON — Residents of the downtown neighborhoods in Lewiston are invited to a community dinner and tenants' rights training at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 8, at the B-Street Community Center. The event is sponsored by the Neighborhood Housing League, a new project of the Visible Community. 

The Neighborhood Housing League began with a grant from Empower Lewiston and the Sparkplug Foundation to help residents in the downtown come together, to help inform them of their responsibilities as tenants and to help them learn to effectively advocate for their rights.

The first phase of the project is nearly complete and has involved collecting 400 surveys (about 10 percent of the selected census tracts) from downtown residents to gain a better understanding of the challenges faced by individuals and families in the downtown.

The gathering will offer training and answer questions about tenants' rights. Residents can share ideas about how to create better housing opportunities for people in Lewiston. Dinner will be provided and the group has invited local musicians to join the festivities.

The Visible Community is a group of downtown residents and community members working on housing and development issues in Lewiston. The Visible Community works to create and maintain a vibrant, diverse, high-quality downtown that is residential, has affordable rents and economic opportunity for the people who live here. For more information, call 754-1489.

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Tony Capola's picture

I have a two apartment rent

I have a two apartment rent in ten years about seven people and family's have lived there out of the seven three have payed there rent and left the place sum what clean.The rest were pigs and left owing about two to three month rent.Which means paying someone to move trash and paint and clean! Tenents rights, Bull.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Kudos!!! The parrot sez,

Kudos!!! The parrot sez, KUNGFU.....The Pirate sez....AARRGHH!!

"There are only two things in life that matter, but I forget what they are". Alfred E. Neumann


Its great to see that

Its great to see that Empower Lewiston is donating to provide the meal etc. The unfortunate thing to this meeting is its all about tenant rights; did they forget the responsibilities? Most tenants are fantastic people ( I am one ), but they do have responsibilities to their landlords and also to their neighbors. This group should start by educating tenants of their responsibilities and not their rights. To those who complain of slumlords, remember one of our primary RESPONSIBILITIES is to open our eyes and look at the place we will rent and ask questions of how responsible the owner is to their tenants. We have the resposibility to not encourage slumlords. If you even think of saying that your landlord is the only one who would take you, you have answered the question of why the need is there to educate you of your responsibilities.

 's picture

tenants have the right to

tenants have the right to pay the rent on time, and keep the place clean and PAY THE BILLS. Don't take on something you can't pay for the say oh the rent can wait this month.

Duncan Webster's picture

Read the story, it says

Read the story, it says responsibilities not just rights. And theres some Good Neighbor pledge people are asked to sign. Says a list of things tenant should be doing like pick up trash and dog poop, etc. Wonder how many of those they got?

GARY SAVARD's picture

Honey, you obviously aren't

Honey, you obviously aren't very informed. My work brings me into numerous area apartment buildings on a regular basis. I can tell you for a fact that MANY more tenants crap all over their landlords than vice-versa. deimos is dead on with what he says.

 's picture

here are a few ideas to

here are a few ideas to discuss, how about tenants obligations not to throw trash onto the sidewalks and streets, cleaning up the dogshit from your pitbulls, don't leave debris in the hallway or the driveway, and don't be such a disgusting pig. This town is one of the worse places I have ever seen and that is coming from someone that has seen 32 states. I can't wait to retire in 6 years and leave this dump.

 's picture

Okay, so we know how many

Okay, so we know how many states you lived in, but now lets hear how many cities you lived in while in those states. I have been to many states/cities and lived in enough to know while Lewiston isn't perfect, it ain't as bad as a lot of people in Maine think it is. In all honesty, you made me smile, thanks.

 's picture

I think that this is a great

I think that this is a great idea! Not all tenants have access to the net and many are not aware of the Maine State Tenants Rights especially when it comes down to slum lords. Nothing but good can come from this. Kudos!

"Small minds discuss people, Average minds discuss events, Great minds discuss ideas"~E. Roosevelt


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