Christmas lights cut second time in week

LIVERMORE FALLS — They've had it.

Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Wayne and Pat Knowlton repair Christmas tree lights cut by vandals twice in the last week in front of their house on Depot Street, at the intersection of Route 133, in Livermore Falls.

Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Donna M. Perry/Sun Journal

Wayne and Pat Knowlton repair Christmas tree lights cut by vandals twice in the last week in front of their house on Depot Street, at the intersection of Route 133, in Livermore Falls. The couple found the wires cut on several sets of lights Friday morning. They were also cut the evening of Nov. 27.

Someone cut the wires to Pat and Wayne Knowlton's Christmas lights on their shrubs for a second time in a week. Wires on four sets of lights were cut on Nov. 27 and four different wires were cut either Thursday night or early Friday.

"This is it," Pat Knowlton said Friday as she helped her husband repair the lights on the shrubs in front of their house on the corner of Depot Street and Route 133.

If it happens again, there will be no lights, she said.

"Everybody couldn't believe the lights were cut last week, and now they are cut again," she said.

This time a chair was stolen from a porch on the side of the house. It was found up the street on someone else's lawn, Knowlton said.

"It's not right," Addie Taylor, a Livermore Falls businesswoman, said when she heard about the lights while at the Knowltons.

"Ever since we've been here, we've been decorating," Knowlton said. "I love Christmas."

The couple has lived on the corner for about 25 years and also operate Pat's Wallpaper at the site.

The police will be watching the area more closely, Knowlton said.

She went straight to the police station Friday morning to report the damage. She's checking around to see if anyone saw anybody hanging around the lights, she said.

Police Lt. Thomas Gould said Monday that the first time it happened, it looked like someone had been walking along and used a Leatherman or something similar to cut the wires.

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Audrey Alcala's picture

What a bunch of losers! What

What a bunch of losers! What does this prove? Cutting someone's christmas lights. Does it make this punk or punks feel cool? This place always looks so pretty..why does someone feel the need to destroy these folks property?

 's picture

WHERE are the cops?? After

WHERE are the cops?? After the first time this happened they should have investigated. I think its time the Knowltons moved closer to a Dunkin Donuts, maybe then they'd get the police protection they pay for. This is disgraceful and unecessary. WE need trained police in this state, we pay for it we deserve it!

Dee Beaudoin's picture

Tron, you are absolutely

Tron, you are absolutely right, the cops completely dropped the ball on this one. I am sure the culprit must have left finger prints on the wires when the cut them that could have been matched through AFIS and with all the rain and the ground not being frozen there must have been shoe prints. I hope they photographed and casted the shoe prints. With this being such a serious offense and nothing else going on like fires or accidents or drunk drivers or speeders certainly the police had plenty of time to stake out this house waiting for the wire cutting bandits to return and hauling them off to jail.

If we could only return to common sense...

 's picture

It is an attitude like yours

It is an attitude like yours that create the problems. For the cops to totally ignore this means the culprit will be more enabled to do more crimes. Therefore whatever this person does next is completely the fault of the cops. If they would get off their behinds and actually work, instead of investigate the donut times, they this would be a much better society. We pay these guys a lot, let's get our moneys worth, for a change.

 's picture

Like sitting at Dunkin

Like sitting at Dunkin Donuts all day drinking coffee? I see them drive into one all day long. Perhaps if then did their jobs, I'd give them a break. But after this happening ONCE shame on the perpetrators, TWICE, shame on the police!

 's picture

Uncle Scrooge go away!

Uncle Scrooge go away!


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