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Why is it necessary for the City of Lewiston to send out the street sweepers in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT? Waking up to beeping at 1 a.m. is not my idea of a good night’s sleep! Go to bed, guys...
— Anonymous
People in line who can’t make up their minds. Last night I waited in the rain while a mother and three kids couldn’t figure out what they wanted at the Dairy Joy. It was so bad, I left and drove to the Lewiston Dairy Joy. And some idiot was having the same problem over there. People, make a decision!  It’s just empty calories!
— Richard
My gripe is that we have a beautiful, well-kept “park.” Lots of people are enjoying it, but looking at the ugly gazebo top kills the beautiful look. Please do something about it this year. It can’t be that expensive to scrape and paint it. Love my “park.”
— Claudette
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Richard: you deserve to be

Richard: you deserve to be behind every slowpoke there is till you learn patience! to drive to another dairy joy is a bit much. maybe you should buy ice cream and eat at home by yourself, which i am almost certain you are!


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