Gleason declares Auburn hub of Maine

AUBURN — Calling his city the hub of Maine for business and recreation, Mayor Dick Gleason unveiled a bumper sticker and ambassador program Monday night.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal
Richard D. Gleason is sworn in as the new mayor of Auburn by City Clerk Mary Lou Magno during inauguration ceremonies at Auburn Hall on Monday for the incoming  school board and City Council.

"It is time to roll up our sleeves, get to work, continue reducing the property tax burden and bring more good-paying jobs to Auburn," Gleason said. "I'd like to see the day come when our children can stay in Auburn rather than having to leave Maine for lack of opportunity."

Gleason and the 2009-11 Auburn City Council were sworn in at a small official ceremony at Auburn Hall Monday night. They include incumbents Michael Farrell, Robert Hayes, Dan Herrick and David Young and newly elected councilors Belinda Gerry and Eric Samson. Ward 5 Councilor Ray Berube, at home with the flu, was unable to attend the swearing in.

Most then trooped off to Central Maine Community College's Kirk Hall Gymnasium for the rest of the pomp. Councilors Farrell and Herrick skipped the CMCC ceremony and Councilor Belinda Gerry chose to stay at the back of the room for the duration.

"I don't like all the pomp," she said.

The celebration included a procession led by the Auburn Firefighters Local 797 Honor Guard and performances by the Edward Little High School band and local singers Bruce Gerry, Chris Camire and Kary Young Coffin.

The future for Auburn is optimistic, Gleason said. The area is becoming a transportation hub, with links to air, rail and car travel. Manufacturing is another economic high point, he said.

"The next time you are driving around the Auburn exit of the Maine Turnpike, draw a picture in your mind of a 1 mile circle around that area," he said. "Economically, that circle is one of the hottest in Maine."

He unveiled a logo for bumper and window stickers and program declaring Auburn the hub of Maine. Residents Ed Desgrosseilliers and Bob Cavanaugh will head a committee to spread that message.

"First I'm asking each of you to put a bumper or window sticker on your car," he said. "And second I'm asking you to help Ed and Bob get every business in Auburn to put one of these stickers on their door."

The bumper stickers will be available in Auburn Hall.

In his address, School Committee Chair David Das listed the goals from his newly elected school committee. Some called for careful spending and lower taxes, others for a new high school or better capital or technological spending.

Das himself called for patience, good humor and hard work from both councilors and school committee members.

"Can we accomplish all this in the next two years? I doubt it," Das said. "But it's especially important right now that we move forward."

Submitted Photo

The "Hub of Maine" logo Mayor Dick Gleason unveiled at his post-inauguration celebration Monday night in the Central Maine Community College Kirk Hall gymnasium. Gleason is asking Auburn businesses and residents to display the logo on their cars and windows.

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 's picture

DR is clearly a crampsack.

DR is clearly a crampsack. The one thing Auburn has is a ton of space. There is a ton of land in auburn to do just about anything with. Auburn could host an Jetport. Auburn should also have a new mall. Tear down that pile of crap mall we have now. It is on

 's picture

Have you ever lived in any

Have you ever lived in any other city ? Portland/South Portland traffic is far worse. Parking in downtown L/A is a breeze, if you're willing to walk a couple blocks. There are MANY success stories in recent L/A history. The area has come so far. Granted, still has a long way to go, but it still is set-up for success in the future.

Perception is reality. Mr. Gleason is wise to work on changing the perception.

Herrick and Farrell once again showed how to be unprofessional and petty.

 's picture

It's far easier to park

It's far easier to park anywhere in L/A then Portland (specially the downtown areas). Apparently someone doesn't get out often.

 's picture

At least Councilor Gerry

At least Councilor Gerry showed up, unlike Councilors Farrell and Herrick.

 's picture

I was going to say much of

I was going to say much of the same thing. Thanks for saving me the typing.

 's picture

Hrmmmm... MAYBE of Central

Hrmmmm... MAYBE of Central Maine, but Portland IS the hub of Maine. Portland already has the airport, railway, car traffic, has two commercial bus lines and lets not forget the sea ports. Saying that is like when someone called Auburn a "shopping mecca." Which besides South Portland, I'd give that title to Bangor before Auburn. Just saying.


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