Woman hit by puck sues city

AUBURN — A Lewiston woman who said she was hit in the face with a puck during a hockey game last year is suing the city of Auburn.

In a complaint filed this week at Androscoggin County Superior Court, Jennifer A. Richardson, 39, said she was at a hockey game between Messalonskee High School and Leavitt Area High School at Ingersol Arena on Jan. 5, 2008. Her son played for Leavitt, which used the arena as its home base.

Richardson served as timekeeper and scorekeeper during the game. When a puck lifted from the ice surface, it struck Richardson in the face, according to the lawsuit. She sustained "serious bodily injury," the suit says. She has incurred medical expenses as a result of the accident and will incur more. She also has lost income because of the injury and will continue to lose pay. She has suffered pain, mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life. She is permanently impaired by the injury, the suit says.

Richardson's attorney, Anthony Ferguson of Lewiston, said his client suffered several fractures to bones under her eye socket, requiring surgery. She also suffered mild, traumatic brain injury, he said.

The accident resulted in permanent scarring and numbness, Ferguson said.

The complaint alleges that the city "negligently" built, designed, operated and/or maintained the timekeeper/scorekeeper's box where she sat during the game. The arena, in Pettengill Park, has been renovated since then.

City Manager Glenn Aho said Tuesday he hadn't read the complaint. It was forwarded to the city's insurance representative at the Maine Municipal Association. A spokesman for MMA said lawyers who handle such cases for the association don't comment on claims in process.

Richardson already sued the school's insurance carrier for payment of medical expenses, Ferguson said. The two parties reached a settlement, he said.

In 2004, Richardson filed suit against the Mid-Coast Recreation Center in Rockland, seeking damages in connection to injuries she received at a hockey game at the recreation center's ice arena in 2003. At the time, Richardson was attending a game and, as she moved to sit on the stands, stepped in some fluid, slipped and landed flat on her back on the concrete, according to that lawsuit.

Richardson, who was suing for medical bills, lost wages and impaired earning capacity as a result of the incident, settled that claim.



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 's picture

So in 2003 she slipped in

So in 2003 she slipped in someone's spilt soda which was done because of the center's negligence and fell on her backside and got some money from the Rockland Mid Coast Rec Center. Now, Auburn is out to get her by purposefully designing and building and maintaing a timekeeper/scorekeeper box just so that she can get hit in the face with a puck. She should stay away from sporting arenas because they are all out to get her. But then, how would she get attention and free money?

 's picture

this woman is clearly a

this woman is clearly a dirtbag

 's picture

And People wonder why

And People wonder why insurance costs so much !!! Makes you wonder what this loser will do next

 's picture

I bumped my elbow today. I

I bumped my elbow today. I put it in a sling because it hurt soooo much and couldn't work. Can I sue to city and get money too? Life shoots lemons at you, you make lemonade and get a life and move on.

 's picture

I'm with Bob67.......sounds

I'm with Bob67.......sounds like this woman makes a living doing this kinda thing. How ironic she has had these sort of lawsuits in the past. How many people is she going to sue over this puck incident? She already sued the school's insurance carrier, now she's suing the city. Next she'll sue the company that the materials came from...then on and on.
She's a con artist.........someone needs to wake up here!

 's picture

Are they sure all of the

Are they sure all of the injury comes from the puck? Should, say, a tooth that was already covered during a previous lawsuit and became looser from this incident be covered? This is why there should be a limit to the amount of times a single thing can be sued over. Yes, she has to live with the consequences for the rest of her life, but she should just move on before it begins to cost her money and respect. Perhaps a cap on the number of times a person can sue in a year? Some people add greatly, if not completely live off of, this sort of thing. It becomes addictive, free money for just getting a boo boo. People like this put too much strain and stress on all organizations and businesses and take so much away from events.


This is totally bogus! Just

This is totally bogus! Just another person looking for a free ride at the expense of others. She is an embarassment to her son who played on the team as well as to the Leavitt hockey family. My wife and I acted as timekeeper and scorekeeper on numerous occasions when our sons played hockey for Leavitt or the midget teams and we cannot picture how this woman could have been injured. The entire area was surronded by plexiglass with the exception of a hole in the glass just large enough for the officials to communicate with the timekeeper/scorkeeper. Unless she poked her face up against this hole during play, which is uncalled for, there is no way she could have been injured. Ingersoll arena is set up like all ice arenas throughout the country. It is peoples like Jennifer Richardson and Anthony Ferguson who make it difficult for recreational facilities to operate without increasing cost to those who rent the facilities to cover frivolous lawsuits. Shameless!!!!!!!


she sounds like she is most

she sounds like she is most likely on the state and the taxpayers pay for her already but she likely needs smokes so what better way right people like that and the amblulance chasing lawyer make me sick sounds like we need to look at the medical work done as it could have been plastic surgery (free thanks to us) then again it could have been staged or self inflicted a full investigation into this should start to see if she is a con artist.

Sounds like she makes a

Sounds like she makes a living doing this!


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