The sleeping giant

The recent economic and social issues show that citizens of Maine and the United States need to wake up. China was once called "The Sleeping Giant." I think the political and economic apathy of most Americans proves that we now claim the name of "The Sleeping Giant."

About 66 percent of Maine voters supported the transportation bond. How can we borrow more money? Gov. John Baldacci's administration only attempted to restructure taxes when the stock market plummeted in September 2008. I think they were about 40 years too late.

Americans need to wake up and admit that we don't care enough, politically or economically. We are gluttons in every sense of the word.

If we do not wake up, we will allow socialism and government to take over our lives.

I hear the whining about unemployment rates. It is our fault as a collective people. We have failed. We need to bring back manufacturing and stop selling out companies overseas.

In the 1920s, tariffs and American isolationism led to the Great Depression. The 1920s are over and today we need tariffs. Globalism and socialism will lead this country to a similar fate.

Patrick Henry stated, "Give me liberty or give me death." This man desired liberty that we take for granted today.

Bring back the basics in government, schools and homes and we will bring back common sense.

A thought-provoking quote from ancient Greece: "We do not commend you for being silent, but we condemn you as a fool."

Garret Vainio, Lisbon

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

"and hope that we can change

"and hope that we can change it for the better before it is too late."...It is too late, centarie. Electing obama for four years was the kiss of death for America. Her historic resiliency is not up to the task this time. It's over, Bud.

Dan McKay's picture

right you are Ernest and if

right you are Ernest and if you are one with the drive,imagination and creativity to want to start new ventures in this country and it doesn't fit the government's agenda, well, you're shot down.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Why would a business move to

Why would a business move to China? Could in be very cheap wages, no workmans comp, no EPA, and no OSHA.

Garret I don't know if you have looked around but we are well on our way to being a socialist country. People head his warning it will happen because very want to fend for themselves it's much eaisier to sit back and live off the government.

Allisa Milliard's picture

Businesses move to where

Businesses move to where ever labor is cheapest, thereby passing on the "savings" on to the consumer. Lewiston textile mills went south to Mexico (the country not the town). From Mexico, to China. From China, to Vietnam and Korea. Africa is the likely next move. Lewiston suffered from joblessness because of products that could be made cheaper thousands of miles away and shipped back to us. Our country has suffered in many ways because of globalization and outsourcing. We are now a people at the whim of others, hogs to slaughter, and through our own laws have found ways to prevent creativity and productivity. I love this country, but hate what has become of it and hope that we can change it for the better before it is too late.


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