Building owner can't be shocked by Norway vote

Opera House owner Barry Mazzaglia is either a good actor or completely out of touch with reality if he is "shocked" by a Norway vote Tuesday night to take over his teetering building.

A majority of the estimated 200 voters at Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School in Paris voted to take the building by eminent domain and pay Mazzaglia $185,000 in compensation. Mazzaglia, contacted after the meeting, vowed to fight the action in Superior Court, where a judge will set a fair price for the building.

It's a shame the town has to pay even a dime to take over the building. Because of its damaged and unsafe condition, it's worthless on the open market. It's impossible to imagine a private owner taking over the pile of headaches beneath the building's collapsing roof and sagging walls.

The real value of the building is to the citizens of Norway, and in preserving a key piece of Norway's history and streetscape.

Mazzaglia told the Sun Journal after Tuesday night's meeting that he was "shocked that the townspeople didn't see through this." Either he was kidding or in denial about his responsibility for this mess.

A portion of the old building's roof collapsed about two years ago after rainwater was allowed to pool on its roof. The collapsing roof broke a sprinkler pipe, all of which damaged the building and forced the tenants on the first floor to move out. Now, about 60 feet of one exterior wall bows dangerously, leaving the structural integrity of the entire building in question.

Mazzaglia should be credited with entering the structure and setting up some temporary bracing. But that's about it.

Since then, however, he's done little, and two separate engineering studies have found the building unsafe and in need of complex and expensive work to restore its stability.

On Tuesday night, Mazzaglia was painting himself as the building's savior and blaming the town for its damaged condition.

"I'm very shocked the town's people wouldn't pay to fix it," he said. "It would have been a lot cheaper for them to have put a roof on it when they owned it than trying to fix it up now."

That's absurd. The town hasn't owned the building in more than 30 years.

Mazzaglia bought the building in 2003 when he out-bid a community group, the Norway Maine Opera House Corp., which wanted to buy and preserve the building.

He now says he bought it "blindly," which is an interesting admission for a guy in the construction business.

It's also irrelevant.

When you buy a building you own it, warts and all. The real damage occurred four years into his ownership.

If this building is to be saved, the citizens of Norway will have to roll up their sleeves and do it. We applaud the civic-mindedness of Bill and Beatrice Damon in donating $200,000 to help the town complete the eminent domain purchase.

Still, the path forward is clouded by uncertainty. But the first step on this path is getting the building out of Mazzaglia's hands.

What do you think of this story?

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 's picture

I am against the overuse of

I am against the overuse of emminent domain to seize private property. I am totally against it when property is seized for commercial development of any kind. This is not the case in Norway. Eminent domain was used to enhance public safety. I have been following this story since the roof collapsed. The building is in danger of falling and damaging neighboring property possibly injuring or killing someone. The next heavy wet snowstorm could be the one that collapses the building. Heights don't usually bother me but I don't want to be on the roof of an unstable structure shoveling snow to relieve the load. Barry Mazzaglia has had 2 years to stabilize the building and has failed to do so. The town didn't want to own this building. They wanted the owner to make it safe. The town's other option would be to raze the building and charge Mazzaglia for the expenses which they most likely never would have collected. The town would have placed a lien on the property, eventually foreclosed on the lien and been stuck with a vacant lot. Trying to save the building with donated money is the best thing that can be done and it's unfortunate it had to happen by force. Mazzaglia talks as if the opera house building is a valuable asset. In its current condition that is not true. The building is a liability and he should be relieved to be rid of it.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

After they (moved from

After they (moved from Norway I now live in Oxford) take over the building and spend the hundreds of thousands to re-juvinate it what are they going to do with it.? Let it sit empty because they sure arn't going to rent the store fronts, they have been pretty much empty for years. Maybe if Smefley and I talk to Scrapper, Ronnie, Terry and Vira they will start playing again on Friday nights. Opps that won't work either the whole building is not handicapped acessible.

 's picture

Really enjoyed the editorial

Really enjoyed the editorial as it was more than fair and I praise all the people who voted for this takeover. Down the road, they will never be sorry. I have to strongly disagree with smedley and maybe he should move to Nevada. It is a very "up and coming" State, or so I hear.


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