The Christmas spirit

With Christmas fast approaching, tight budgets and a poor economy, it seems as though many are preparing for a blue Christmas. Sometimes, tough times can be the most thoughtful of times. It does not take a lot of money to build a lot of memories.

Down through the years, we have been subjected to traditional holiday propaganda by area nonprofit groups, making claims that some will not have a merry Christmas because of a lack of finances and presents under the tree. Usually, those are last-minute pleas for generosity.

We would like to announce that Christmas (Dec. 25) is going to come to all homes, regardless of social standing. Let us not fool ourselves into thinking that those who have more are somehow happier. The little things in life are sometimes the sweetest, and there is no price tag on love, joy and peace.

As we mentioned, Christmas will come to all homes. The real question is: Will the spirit of Christmas come?

We have been very fortunate to live and minister in the inner city, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Lewiston. We will spend Christmas just like we have for the past 14 years, by gathering up area children to sing, tell stories, look at lights and attend multiple church events that include drama, dance, hay rides and holiday treats.

The Christmas spirit is "peace on Earth and goodwill toward men," not big-screen televisions, video games or new cell phones.

The Rev. Douglas and Sonia Taylor, Lewiston

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 's picture

I totally have to get this

I totally have to get this off my chest. I am a big believer of giving to those less fortunate at all times, but especially this time of year. One place where I will not be putting my money, ever again, is the Salvation Army kettles outside of the stores. Years ago, my young son asked me to take him shopping for a present for his brother. The gift did not take up all his money, and on the way out, there was a Salvation Army kettle with a person ringing the bell. On his own, with no prodding by me, my son put all his change in that kettle--only to be completely ignored by the bell ringer. I was never so insulted--thankfully a kind older person saw what happened and complimented my son, and that was what he remembers now. Yesterday, against my better judgement, I had a few dollars in my wallet that I had no plans for. Money is tight for us right now, as my husbands hours have been cut to 24 hours a week since this past spring. Again, there was absolutlely no acknowledgment of my donation. I don't do these things for glory, but really, with times as tough as they are, a smile and a thank you go a long way in spreading holiday cheer. I personally know of families in dire situations right now, and they will get my money and help for now on. Bell Ringers--Smile, say thank you--you are not representing your charity very well at all, and you have lost my donations forever.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Gulp....God Bless.

Gulp....God Bless.

ERNEST LABBE's picture

Candice this is one of the

Candice this is one of the few times I somewhat agree with you. Thanks to all the ads from retailers for to many years the true meaning of Christmas (I am Christian) has been lost. It is not about who got the biggest gift it is about being together with family and enjoying life not material things.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Candice...LTTE entitled " A

Candice...LTTE entitled " A Youngster's Wishes" might have been more to your liking. Not once is the word "Christmas" mentioned in it. Great example of political correctness in action.


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