Levesque campaign positioned on a falsehood

Jason Levesque launched his campaign challenging Rep. Michael Michaud for the 2nd Congressional District seat in Auburn last week with smiles and handshakes all around.

Days later, Levesque posted a serious accusation on his Facebook page, claiming a "very liberal" member of the Auburn Public Library's board of directors improperly canceled Levesque's Tuesday campaign appearance at the library after seeing Levesque interviewed on television. Levesque then suggested to supporters in a widely-circulated e-mail that the cancellation was just another repulsive game of "old tricks" played by the Democrats to thwart conservative progress.

The accusation against the library was not fair and not true. And that's an incredibly poor, and utterly curious, way for Levesque to muster support for his tender campaign.

It is true that the library canceled Levesque's appearance, but not for the reasons he claims.

The Auburn Public Library, like many libraries in Maine, makes space available to community members for all sorts of functions, including meetings of political entities, such as the Androscoggin County Republican Committee. The library asks, understandably so, that anyone who wants to reserve space sign a contract of understanding about keeping the room neat, limiting the number of attendees, whether food can be served, keeping noise levels down, etc.

One of the agreement's provisions is that no fees can be charged to attend whatever function is being planned. No admission fee, no fundraising, no selling of cupcakes and cookies, no matter how worthwhile the cause.

Levesque's appearance was canceled because he never signed a contract with the library, and he advertised a $10 attendance fee, in direct violation of library policy.

The library was right to cancel. Levesque was wrong to accuse anyone of unsavory political games for doing so.

In his campaign material, Levesque notes that unemployment is too high and too many families are struggling. Both are true.

He also says we are getting the "same old blah blah coming from Washington, and Mainers are tired of it."

True again.

But Levesque's tactic of falsifying action by the Auburn Public Library to make a point about how low Democrats will go to continue to rule the country is exactly the "same old blah blah coming from Washington" that Mainers are tired of.

Levesque has removed the accusation from Facebook, but it remains in circulation. The accusation is alive on the Web and lurking in e-mail in-boxes across Maine and he has done nothing to step up and set the record straight, driving dozens of complaints to the Auburn Public Library that library employees are now patiently addressing.

On Thursday, Levesque said he wouldn't engage in a back-and-forth with the library on this. He refused to acknowledge the precise wording of his Facebook post accusing the library's board member of pulling strings to cancel the campaign stop, saying only that he posts and removes material "all the time." Levesque said he's put the whole episode behind him and moved on. Nothing to see here.

Not an auspicious way for such a promising candidate to start a campaign.


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C'mon Mr. Levesque, we know

C'mon Mr. Levesque, we know you're reading this.  Are you going to come clean and apologize to the Auburn Public Library?

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I didn't have all the facts,

I didn't have all the facts, so I posted a question on his Facebook page.  It was deleted within a few hours.   I posted another question, again deleted.  I then sent him a private message asking for his version of the story.  He waffled, and refused to answer.

In my humble opinion, he has no credibility.  If he can't be honest about this incident, why should I think he can be honest about anything else.

I predict he'll receive fewer votes than the eccentric Mr. Frary did last election.  At least Mr. Frary was honest, and entertaining.



What's new about a Republican

What's new about a Republican lying to gain political advantage? Old as Joe McCathy, Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush or James O'Keefe the young Republican, employee of ultra-right wing web master Andrew Beitbart, and master of dirty tricks and disciple of Liddy who was recently arrested for attempting to bug the democratic Louisiana Senator's office. Republican and liar are synonyms.

 's picture

He still doesn't have a

He still doesn't have a platform.   Just making lame attempts at attacking Mr. Michaud.    Does anyone really want a tele-marketer representing them in Congress?

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Yes, he attacked the Auburn

Yes, he attacked the Auburn Public Library.  And unless he issues a public apology, I"ll never forgive him for that.  We are blessed to have such a great institution in our city.

He's not ready for prime time.  Thank God I'm on the 'do not call' list.  

Don't go away mad Mr. Levesque.  Just go away.

 's picture

"I don't see any republicans

"I don't see any republicans complaining about this"


I am a Republican and I think this is unacceptable.

 's picture

I haven't seen this weeks

I haven't seen this weeks version of the Twin City Times.  Did Mr. Steele choose to investigate this impropriety?  Doubt it.


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