Terrorists have no rights

As just an average citizen of America, I am sharing my thoughts about terrorists who are captured by any of the military or security forces.

Terrorists equal terror. These people are and will never be anything other than terrorists. Once in custody, they should be transferred to Guantanamo Bay and incarcerated until prosecuted — by a military tribunal as quickly as humanely possible.

They should never be allowed to hide behind the Constitution and the very laws which they seek to destroy.

They should never, never be allowed to stand trial on U.S. soil — land of the free, home of the brave.

Should they be convicted, they should never, ever be buried in this country, as they have lost all respect for our way of life and our freedoms. The burial place for the deceased could be determined by the tribunal.

William A. Ferentz, Lewiston

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RONALD RIML's picture

  Herb; Our President's



Our President's exercising a good attitude.  Humility backed by strength.  To deride him for bowing or apologizing for our once haughty and jingoistic policies is disrespectful.

You obviously know very little about the law.  Anyone accused of murder - killing an innocent person - retains their rights.  If I, as a cop, were to have deprived one of their rights then the case would be tossed - and they would walk as a free person. 'War Criminals?'  Who declared 'War?'  We haven't done so since 1942.  We seems to invade 'fast and loose' any time a President can get a mere authoriziation for the use of force.

And here's another clue.  One of the major contributing factors as to why we were attacked if that we didn't concern ourselves with only our own problems - (as you suggested) - but continually stuck our nose in the affairs of others - especially the Saudis.

RONALD RIML's picture

Mr Ferentz; You consider

Mr Ferentz;

You consider yourself an "Average American" - then take it upon yourself to dictate the circumstances upon which a 'Terrorist' will be incarcerated and imprisoned.

Never mind that many of the questions you mention about those captured have been brought to the highest court of the land - the United States Supreme Court - where decisions have been rendered in accordance with our Constitution, which our Military and Civilian legal systems must follow.

To do otherwise, Mr. Ferentz, is un-American and treasonous.

Among the cases you should look up and read are:

Rasul v. Bush, 542 U.S. 466 (2004) - Which deals with the U.S. Court system's authority to decide whether foreign nationals (non-U.S. citizens) held in Guantanamo Bay were wrongfully imprisoned.

Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, 548 U.S. 557 (2006) - held that Military Commissions set up by the Bush administration to try detainees at Guantanamo Bay lack "the power to proceed because its structures and procedures violate both the UniformCode of Military Justice and the four Geneva Convnetions signed in 1949." Specifically, the ruling says that Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions was violated.

There are many more - but you don't get to set up the rules.

If you prefer living in a country where prisoners have NO rights, I suggest migrating to North Korea.

 's picture

Old Bill, You are correct,

Old Bill,

You are correct, glad to see most of us agree with your statement.



 's picture

Old Bill, You are correct,

Old Bill,

You are correct, glad to see most of us agree with your statement.



 's picture

Well let me see now Tron.

Well let me see now Tron. When Bush left office, he left Mr. Obama with full flegged Counter Terrorrism Service. For 8 yeras there had been no attacks on the US let alone within the US. You probably don't even know how many attemps were stopped by this unit. In his first year Mr. Obama has downgraded the CTS to the point of 5 terrorrist attacks occured within the US. Two occured without injuries, 2 occured with fatal results and one occured with serious near fatal results. Now was that Bush's fault or Obama's? I think Berry is off to a pretty bad start, don't you? Nah you probably don't. For all you know Ben Laden could be dead in some cave someplace.

 's picture

Yeah, if you skip over the

Yeah, if you skip over the anthrax attacks, the shoe bomber, 9/11, etc...  Not to mention every single terrorist released that has rejoined the fight was released on Bush's watch.

 's picture

Voisine what you are failing

Voisine what you are failing to see is that there was a barrier put up between the CIA and the FBI not letting the dots to be connected. What you are failing to see is that barrier was put up during the administration of a Democrat, President Clinton.


 's picture

Regretfully you lost all

Regretfully you lost all credibility when you said "Shrub". Don't forget, CIA and FBI also obeyed the law under the Clinton administration.

Question: How do you know you won an arguement against a liberal?

Answer: They start calling names. i.e. "reptile", "Shrub"

 's picture

No, it was all Monica's

No, it was all Monica's fault!

 's picture

And this has to do with what?

And this has to do with what?

RONALD RIML's picture

    Dave Gagnon writes:  "For



Dave Gagnon writes:  "For 8 years there had been no attacks on the US let alone within the US."

Eight years of Bush and there were no attacks on the U.S?  What was 9/11?  Chopped liver?? 

Try keeping U.S. body count score between Bush and Obama there without the spin, Einstein..... 

 's picture

Sorry Veritas, I assumed you

Sorry Veritas, I assumed you knew I meant the 8 yesrs after the 9/11 attacks. But as usual when it comes to you and your progressive friends I need to be more specific. Your abilities are limited and I shouldn't assume your can figure certain things out.

 's picture

There once was a time when

There once was a time when this country demanded respect for it's citizens.  Now our president bows before other heads of state.  He apoloizes to the world for being the greatest country in the world, and lastly he apparently condones terrorist acts against the citizens of this country.  My wife, although a commoner, has always been proud to be an American.  There are laws on the books which prescribe how terrorists are to be tried and executed.  It looks that soon we will be celebrating the birthday of Osama Ben Ladden.  I am grateful that I am old and will not have long to watch this country go further to pot.

RONALD RIML's picture

    Herb Bacheller writes: 



Herb Bacheller writes:  "There once was a time when this country demanded respect for it's citizens."

Hell, Herb - you won't even respect our President for being a man who repects others, rather than a power-maddened cowboy who brought global ill-regard and disrespect upon our once great nation.

Yes - there were laws and regulations placed on the books during the Bush regime reeking of the lack of due process afforded 'suspected' terrorists.  And the Supreme Court of the United States overturned those found to be 'Unconsitutional' - thus, Un-American on their face.

You want to be cut of the same cloth that bin Ladin and Saddam Hussein were?

Be my guest.  But not in MY country.

 's picture

My dear friend, I don't agree

My dear friend, I don't agree with the actions that caused our president to be elected, but since he is the president, I wish he would exercise a different attitude.  As to the terrorists, I do not want them in the United States, to be tried under the same rules that are used to judge our criminals.  You say I have no respect for the present President?  I disagree with him, or is that allowed?  Not once did I show him disrespect.  I believed last November that change was needed.  I do not know what if any torture methods were used to interrogate those individuals, however when they killed innocent people, they gave up their right to be treated as criminals, and became war criminals.  I suppose Hitler would be a close buddy for you wouldn't he?  I guess we will disagree, however when a foreign citizen can throw shoes at our president and get away with it, and our present president is treated like crap, I think it is time for the United States to concern itself with our own problems and let the rest of the world take care of itself.

RONALD RIML's picture

  Herb writes: " As to the


Herb writes: " As to the terrorists, I do not want them in the United States, to be tried under the same rules that are used to judge our criminals."

Sorry, Herb, what you 'want' doesn't matter.  What is 'Constitutional' does.  And if you read a number of posts up you will see that I've referred to two recent Supreme Court Decisions which address the legal manner in which suspected terrorists must be dealt with by both out military and civilian legal systems.

That's American Jurisprudence - it's what sets us apart from the animals that attack us.  - And Hitler, whom for some reason you mistakenly believe I have an affinity for.

By the way - that fellow who threw his shoes at Bush - he didn't get away with it as you claim.  He was sentenced to prison by the Iraqi courts.  That's where the crime occured - they have jurisdiction.

It would be good for you  to pay a little more attention to what is really going on, and, perhaps, become more familiar with our law and how our Constitution has shaped it.


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