Take care of your pets

This has been a very cold winter (no kidding). I have witnessed some owners leaving their pets outside in the cold for most of the day, and even overnight. These people are probably of the opinion that pets, especially dogs, can survive the cold for long periods of time. That's not true.

People most certainly would not think of leaving a relative outside to fend for himself in sometimes subzero temperatures.

To those who own pets, don't leave them tied outside. I urge those people to give their pets to others who could take better care of them.

Carolyn Libbey, Lewiston

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Audrey Alcala's picture

I'm with Carolyn. Why do

I'm with Carolyn. Why do people get pets ,then stick them outside? And northwoods, pets are domesticated animals and no longer raised to live in the outdoors like wild animals
( or your mother in law) so there is a difference. Don't get pets if you're going to just stick them outside...what's the point? They'll freeze in the winter or die of heat stroke in the summer... cruelty to animals.


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