Woman dies on Route 4

TURNER - A Greene woman was killed on Friday when she was apparently struck by a car while fetching mail from a mailbox on Route 4.

By late Friday afternoon, Androscoggin County Sheriff's investigators were still trying to determine if the death of 65-year-old Sharon Call was related to a crash on Route 4 hours before her body was found.

At about 9:45 a.m., police went to Route 4, just south of Harlow Hill Road, after a car was reported to have crashed.
When they arrived, police found that 19-year-old Brandon Pelletier, of Turner, had skidded of Route 4 and into a grassy area. Neither Pelletier or a passenger were hurt when the 1995 Camaro went off the roadway.

Police spoke with the driver and soon after, cleared the area. It appeared to be a routine crash and investigators were putting together a basic accident report.

Around the same time, an elderly woman who lives near the crash site reported she could not locate a family member who had come to visit.

Just after 11 a.m., family members called the ASO to report that the missing woman had been found dead in the tall grass, close to the area where Pelletier's car had gone off the road.

It was Call. Family members later told investigators that they had last seen her walking to the mailbox. That was around the same time that Pelletier crashed.

"Call's death and the initial crash appear to be related," ASO Detective Sgt. William Gagne wrote in a press release, "but the incidents are still under investigation."

Maine State Police were called to the crash site to reconstruct the car wreck. An autopsy was planned on Call's body and the district attorney sent a representative to the scene of her death.

Gagne said Pelletier had been interviewed and was cooperating with the investigation. It was unclear whether he realized he had hit someone when he crashed his Camaro.

Police said Call's body had remained concealed by tall grass before it was discovered by searching relatives.

Anyone with information is asked to call Gagne at 784-7361 ext. 214.

Russ Dillingham

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

Androscoggin Sheriff Office Deputy Craig MacMillan marks evidence in a field left by a vehicle that veered off Route 4 in Turner. It is believed that the vehicle struck and killed Sharon Call as she was retreiving mail for a friend she was visiting.

Route 4 fatal
Russ Dillingham

Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal The scene where a vehicle left Route 4 in Turner and is suspected of unknowingly hitting and killing Sharon Call of Greene as she was retreiving mail while visiting a friend.

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 's picture

On the contrary, anybody who

On the contrary, anybody who REALLY knows this kid actually realizes what a total loser he is. Chances are very good that not only was he driving too fast, he was probably high on something as well. he is an irresponsible spoiled rotten little creep. Hopefully he won't get away with this crime as he has so many others.

 's picture

Unknowingly hit her? That's

Unknowingly hit her? That's a load of crap! The tire tracks go right across the lawn. If she was walking there, IN PLAIN VIEW...there is no way they didn't see her. And just how did the driver lose control of his car? Driving too fast?


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