Where is our quality of place?

Are we "expendable"? John Wayne made a movie about the sacrifices PT boats made to secure victory. I was reminded of that movie recently while attending the wind energy debate in Dixfield.

Dr. Richard Jennings made a powerful impression (much like Eli Wallace, state psychiatrist, in Barbara Streisand's movie "Nuts"). Jennings said he wanted to end global warming for the sake of his nine grandchildren. He then dismissed the reports of people in Mars Hill leaving their homes because of the wind farm noise and vibrations. The unstable Mars Hill people were "exaggerating" the problem.

Dismissing their concerns, Jennings said they should sacrifice their health to the greater good of stopping global warming.

But we are not expendable.

A company that brings a major new facility into a town carries the burden of proving that facility will do no harm. The residents of the town are not required to prove that the facility will do harm.

Where was Jennings' peer-reviewed science that showed that no harm would come to the residents of Dixfield?

Maine's future is in its quality of place — the small towns, the forests, mountains and coastline. Where is the "quality of place" in small towns no one can live in because the forests have been clear-cut for wind turbines on the mountains?

Jonathan Albrecht, Dixfield

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 's picture

DVD copies of the wind debate

DVD copies of the wind debate are available at the Dixfield town office. If they are out, please inform the clerk. I visit the office regularly and can have more copies available.

Jon's points are being related to me by many citizens, and many more are just beginning to realize the magnitude of the effects these machines will have on them.

Dixfield currently has a moratorium on wind development in effect which is due to expire in April. Because many citizens are still unaware of the impacts these machines will have, I feel a second 6 month moratorium is mandatory. This requires consent by the selectboard.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

macmac, have you joined the

macmac, have you joined the Citizens Taskforce on Wind Power - Maine? We are all in this together. And together we can fight.

Impeach Baldacci

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Two books to read: The Wind

Two books to read:

The Wind Farm Scam by John Etherington

Wind Turbine Syndrome by Nina Pierpont, MD.


Impeach Baldacci

JOANNE MOORE's picture

Thank you Jonathan Albrecht

Thank you Jonathan Albrecht for speaking out. These 400 foot monsters (wind towers) destroy our quality of place and destroy the quality of place for untold numbers of wildlife, birds and fish. The blasting of ridgelines, the clearcutting for access roads and transmission lines, the herbicide runoff into our waterways will forever change the natural beauty of Maine. And all for a tiny amount of unreliable power that no Mainer will benefit from. And our rates will rise to pay for all this. It is criminal! The wind power industry is a SCAM and would not even exist were it not for the huge subsidies given by government - our tax dollars!

Impeach Baldacci!


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