Second skier dies after injury at Sunday River

NEWRY — A 25-year-old man died Thursday after skiing into trees off an advanced trail at Sunday River Ski Resort, a spokeswoman said.

It was the resort's second fatal skiing accident this week.

Resort spokeswoman Darcy Liberty declined to identify the man, citing company policy. He was skiing on Right Stuff, a black-diamond trail on Barker Mountain, and was wearing a helmet when the accident occurred at 10:22 a.m., she said.

"Witnesses saw him ski on the trail, and then go off into the woods," Liberty said.

The man was alive when he left Sunday River, but died en route to Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway, Liberty said. 

On Monday, Joseph Michalski, 58, of Fort Worth, Texas, died after striking a tree while skiing with friends on the advanced Eureka trail on Oz, one of the resort's eight peaks.

A spokeswoman at the medical examiner's office said Thursday that Michalski died of blunt-force chest trauma. His death was deemed accidental.

She said it was too early to determine the cause of death in Thursday's skiing fatality.

Michalski, a Hewlett-Packard systems analyst, was skiing with a group of friends who determined that conditions were dangerous on Eureka prior to the accident, Michalski's daughter Jodie Michalski said Tuesday.

"They'd actually really stopped and said, 'These trails are really icy; we need to get off these trails,'" Jodie Michalski said.

Last month, a male skier was seriously injured on White Heat, a double black-diamond expert trail on White Cap Mountain.

In that Jan. 16 incident, the man, who Liberty declined to identify, was found unresponsive on the expert trail. He was flown by medical helicopter to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston.

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ERNEST LABBE's picture

Skiing is a dangerous sport.

Skiing is a dangerous sport. Even under the best of conditions it is much more dangerous that auto racing. When you are skiing it is you against the obstacles. Every skier knows this (or should at least). When one gets to the slopes they start to think with the left side of their brain. Oh sure they tell me it is icy but that only increases the challange. People go out driving during an ice storm then complain when they crash their car that the roads were slippery. Well duh did you really need whatever you were after that bad. It is a human nature thing not to listen to advice wether the advice is given to a two year old or an eighty-two year old. My sympathys to the skiers families.

 's picture

They say the "Third time is a

They say the "Third time is a charm"!  Has anyone contacted Obama and offer one (1)skiing lesson at Sunday River?

 's picture

Don't people relize that if

Don't people relize that if you ski into a tree you are going to get hurt or killed...  Stay on a safe trail...


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