Age discrimination

I have friends who work in local businesses that used to have unions. Now, the companies are downsizing and hiring temporary workers to avoid paying benefits.

President Barack Obama wants to create more jobs in America, but how can jobs be created when companies are trying to save money be laying off workers who are more than 50 years old and replacing them with temporary workers?

Friends of mine are scared about going to work because they might be replaced by those temporary workers.

It is just wrong that people who work for years for a company are being laid off, replaced by temporary workers.

I know there is an economic crisis. Unemployment in some states is more than 10 percent, but discrimination against older workers should stop. Government agencies should act to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and equally. Not hiring older workers is discrimination fueled by corporate greed.

The hardworking Maine people are the best in the Northeast and should not be discriminated against because of age.

Reggie Bechard, Lewiston

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ERNEST LABBE's picture

All of you young peole ho are

All of you young peole ho are seeking jobs held by older people remember one thing. Retirement age now is 62 or 65 depending on which option one chooses. Your retirement age is going to be 77. Wait till your turn comes to be replaced by youinger no experianced people. You have to stop looking at now and look ahead.

 's picture

There will come a time when

There will come a time when older more experienced workers will fall ill or retire. There will be few who can replace them since the older are hanging on to jobs longer. Even trying to find a job now is a challange for up and comers because most want experienced help only. How do you get experience if you can't get the job to get experience? Who will replace the older more experienced workers if new workers aren't able to learn in temp positions?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Reggie: It'd be nice if I

Reggie: It'd be nice if I could blame this phenomenon on Prez Barry, but unfortunately, it started during the G.W. Bush years. Remove the over 50's that are earning in the upper regions of the pay scales by "terminating their positions", and then, moving the younger, lesser paid fledgelings up the ladder of success to fill their slots. The American way, baby. I know a few guys it happened to; turns out to be a true blessing in disguise.


This is simply the result of

This is simply the result of people being paid more than the traffic can bear and is a way out for the companies involved. As cruel as it is, the companies have to do it in order to survive. I will ask you Mr. Bechard, and readers to look at where the clothes you are wearing were made; I will bet they are not made in USA; look at your car(s), are they US made? How about other things in your home? If the answer is no to "made in USA", why? is it because of price? If answer is yes, then you have answer as to why you may/will be replaced by a lower cost employee. We have all brought it on ourselves by bying cheaper items from outside of USA and we must now compete with these other countries and work at competitive wages. Your unions demamnding higher wages will not help you as companies will just close shop and move to other locales. Look around L/A, did the CIO help the textile workers? How many people are now working at Bates, Hill, Androscoggin, Pepperell, Continental, Libbey, and Cowan Mills? How about all the shoe shops we used to have? How many  people are working at any of them now? High wage demands certainly did not help these employers stay in L/A.

 's picture

Reg, if you feel strongly

Reg, if you feel strongly about this go to this page All your concerns are addressed there. Age discrimination is against the law. But you have to prove that and in this situation agree to become a Temp employee in order to stay employed. These small companies are gearing up for the health care desaster ahead, in order to stay in business. Thank you Mr. President for your abortion of a health bill that has already started to have ill effects on this economy. Barry Obama I hope you fail.

RONALD RIML's picture

    Dave Gagnon, Now how



Dave Gagnon,

Now how about explaining how "Obama's Health Bill" has caused the ill effects on the economy?

Obama hasn't been able put one through Congress, much less sign one into Law.

We're still living under what we had under Bush.

Do you pay attention to these details before you make accusations - or just hurl them for the hell of it?


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