Good decisions equal no help

I would just like to express my ire with the government's financial aid system. Those of us who have made good decisions in our life get no aid.

I decided that it was more important to support myself; that having children was not a good idea until after I was financially stable.

I decided to go back to school. Unfortunately, because I made these good decisions, the government seems to think that I can afford to pay for college myself. Parents do not support me nor do they help me pay for college, yet I don't qualify for grants or financial aid.

I am told to apply for scholarships; most scholarships are need-based and, according to the government, I don't have that need.

I am self-sufficient. I made good decisions. Why do I not get any help? Why is it that those who help themselves and actually try to do things the right way get no help for school at all?

So you mean to tell me that if I had decided to live on welfare and get knocked up, the government would pay for my college, my housing, my food, my car repairs, my heating, etc.?

Should I get knocked up and quit my job just so I can get a little help? That's ludicrous!

The system is broken. After two years of college, I learned that good decisions get you nothing — bad decisions get you everything.

Kira Hebert, Lewiston

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PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Everyone wants free

Everyone wants free government provided education, but no one wants to pay for it (read taxes.) Therein lies the problem. Higher education SHOULD be accessible to others besides the very wealthy or the very poor. But again, no one wants to pay the higher taxes required to support it. It's a problem, no doubt, with no easy fixes. Meanwhile, Kira is relegated to doing what a lot of us have had to do; suck it up, work your a@@ off, take out some loans and get it done. The Pirate didn't have to do that, though; he just pillaged his way through college while the parrot worked at a casino in Montana guessing people's ages.

RONALD RIML's picture

Kira Hebert writes: "I

Kira Hebert writes:

"I would just like to express my ire with the government's financial aid system. Those of us who have made good decisions in our life get no aid."


There's a lot more to it than "Good Decisions"

You could have made 'Better Decisions" and the government would have sent you to school and paid you a stipend besides.

Don't pizz and moan on my shoulder because you didn't take advantage of all that was out there.

Matthew 20:1-16


 's picture

Kira, you are soooo right. My

Kira, you are soooo right. My daughter is unemployed and is receiving unemployment and has no health insurance. She went to DHS to apply for Maine Care. They told her that she received too much money in unemployment to qualify for Maine care. BUT they told her, and this really got me angry, THAT IF SHE WAS PREGNANT, THEY COULD HELP HER. Can you believe this. My daughter was stunned. She told them that was not an option, just to have insurance. How many young women, having a hard time making ends meet and have no insurance, would take that advice from DHS and bring an unwanted child into this troubled world and be a liablility to the state for the next 18 years.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

That's exactly why the war on

That's exactly why the war on poverty will never be won. THEY DON'T WANT TO WIN IT!! If poverty is eliminated, can you imagine the shakeups that will take place in DHHS at all levels? If they ever run out of poor people to help, they'll create some. What am I saying? They're already doing that; REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. To each according to his need, from each according to his means. Sound familiar?

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Fourth: A couple of megabucks

Fourth: A couple of megabucks tickets every week might not hurt, either. (The parrot suggested that).

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Hey, T...where in her letter

Hey, T...where in her letter did she state she was a republican? You're off your meds again, aren't you, ol' sock of truth distortion.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Ahh, you're live and among

Ahh, you're live and among us, T..."reading comprehension". Why? it's all b***s**t. A chimp could understand it. Can't ask the bird. Don't know if I've ever told you. He's legally blind. The little sucker can spot a fly on a horse's a@@ at 600 ft., but somehow he's found a way to get himself a monthly stipend from the govt. for his "blindness". Them liberals sure know how to work the system, dont' they T?. The blindness thing all got started when he walked into the the dog's pen instead of his own, one night, but, well....that's another story.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Let's start with, "what do

Let's start with, "what do you do for a living, T?" or "Do you gainfully earn a living, T...You sure have plenty of time to spend jabbering on these blogs.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

When one resorts to name

When one resorts to name calling, it is a sign they no longer have anything relevant or intelligent to contribute to the debate.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

You have the strength of ten,

You have the strength of ten, for your heart is pure; you cause is just. Is that it? WALK THE PLANK, T...You've earned it. AARRGHH!!

RONALD RIML's picture

  Steve; You certainly don't



You certainly don't want the population 'too' educated, do you?  They're liable to catch on to the screwing they're getting by our wealthy oligarchy  and quit voting against their own self-interests.


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