TIF explanation postponed

DIXFIELD – An explanation of how tax-increment financing for a wind farm could affect the town was canceled Monday night, because the consultant was unable to attend. It has been rescheduled for 6 p.m. April 12.

The session will provide selectmen with information on how they should proceed with a tentative plan by Patriot Renewables LLC, which wants to construct up to 22 turbines along the ridge that includes Col. Holman Mountain.

Mathew Eddy, executive director of Eaton Peabody Consulting Group of Augusta, was called away for personal reasons, Town Manager Eugene Skibitsky said.

The town has hired the consulting firm for up to $10,000 to provide information on tax-increment financing programs. The fee will be paid by Patriot Renewables of Quincy, Mass.

In the meantime, the Windpower Ordinance Committee continues to devise guidelines for such construction.

In other matters before selectmen this week, the town was fined $4,900 for a variety of safety violations noted by the state Bureau of Labor Standards. The agency's representative made a surprise visit to the town on Jan. 19.

The violations include such things as having unsafe electrical receptacles, failing to properly mount fire extinguishers and lacking some required policies and trainings.

Skibitsky said each department head is working on the list of violations, and the town has until June 15 to correct them. He said he will request that the fine be applied to the costs of corrections.

Also on Monday, selectmen took a first look at an updated policy that governs smoking in or on municipal property, and a new policy that provides regulations for the sale of surplus municipal property. Action is expected at the March 8 board meeting.


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 's picture

There were many in town that

There were many in town that wanted wind development in town. Those that opposed wind development basically shouted down those that opposed them.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

I knew Matt Eddy when he was

I knew Matt Eddy when he was a planner in Bath. He didn't do good things for the taxpayers there. Nor Brunswick, either, where he went next. These Tax Increment Financing (TIF) deals should be outlawed.

I agree with macmac, if there is a wind moratorium in place, Dixfield should not be dealing with those who seek the development of Industrial Wind.

 's picture

With due respect to Patriots

With due respect to Patriots Renewables who is simply an out of state developer with profit interests in the destruction of Colonel Holman Mountain, I can not understand the reasoning of our selectmen in accepting this $10,000 to hear a known promoter of TIFs. Certainly, there is TIF information out there from many sources which would not cost anything and would prevent what they are doing from appearing inappropriate.

We currently have a moratorium on wind development in effect which, in my thinking, should disallow contracting with companies seeking such development.

Other towns most certainly wouldn't do this, but this is Dixfield " The Only One "


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