Lead by example

As far as health care goes, I want what my national elected officials get, or they should get what we get, since it's so easy to spend and tax us.

They should try saving this country some real money by cutting their pensions and their health care. And no more qualifying for a pension just for serving one term in office. They can go out and get a job, like the rest of us.

And having Sen. Chris Dodd and Rep. Barney Frank oversee the nation's health care reform is a joke. Those same people said the country's financial system was sound before the bank failures.

Elected officials should show the nation what they are willing to cut, then maybe the people will listen to their proposals.

John F. Kennedy once said, "Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."

All I want from my congressional delegation is to lead by example. If they cut their perks first, then maybe we will listen to what they have to say.

Clem Bechard, Lewiston

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 's picture

The politicians are just

The politicians are just redirecting our anger at the highest paid execs in this country so we won't be upset when they give themselves the $5,000.00 they just received..They get pretty good pay for a three day work week!

This is a capitalist society even tho those in power at present are hoping to change it to a socialist government ...

( In case you don't know, Liberalism= socialism=communism...) and we all know how well that system works!!!!

As far as I am concerned they are all overpaid and should all be fired...Now that's a thought! Let's vote them ALL out and put in a brand new batch!

 's picture

Yes you are right they keep

Yes you are right they keep the cream off the top. I am saying they get the same

coverage we have to get and not any more. I am not advocating the health care

 bill at all. Just fix the problems don't overhall the whole thing. Go slow do some

 common sense stuff.

RONALD RIML's picture

Clem said he wanted what his

Clem said he wanted what his elected officials got.

Then he ranted about Senator Dodd and Representative Barney Franks.

They aren't his elected officials; Michaud, Snow, and Collins are.

So Clem wants them to cut their health care and "Lead by Example."

Perhaps Clem thinks they'll do a better job if they now have to worry abut the minutiae of their health care.  I don't believe so, Clem. 

Nice try, though.  With logic like that, you should run for the Lewiston City Council.


 's picture

No Dodd and Franks are not

No Dodd and Franks are not our elected officials but they are the people who are handling the Health care issue in Washington..

Also they would do a better job if they have to worry like we do yes indeed!

 's picture

Senator Dodd and Congressman

Senator Dodd and Congressman Franks ARE elected officials.

JOANNE MOORE's picture

"As far as health care goes,

"As far as health care goes, I want what my national elected officials get."

Clem, do you want it for just you or for everyone?

Are you advocating National Health Care for all?

I don't think your Senator or Representative would vote for that. They keep the cream off the top the rest of us get what's left.

 's picture

Of course not! I want our

Of course not! I want our elected officials to have to worry about Health Care like we do.

They are keeping the cream off the top and that has to stop is all I am saying.

I am not Advocating National Health Care for all . That will work about as good

as Medicare and Medicaid is working. Fix the problems and thats all. Don't bankrupt

our Country in the process...


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