Business owner pleads guilty to child porn charge

PARIS — The owner of a Main Street business in Norway pleaded guilty in the Oxford County Superior Court on Friday to possession of child pornography.

Christopher Shorey, 44, of 202 Jackson Lane in Norway, admitted to possession of sexually explicit material depicting a person under the age of 12. Shorey had not been arrested or indicted and entered the plea to an informational charge.

Justice Robert Clifford accepted a joint recommendation of sentencing from Assistant District Attorney Joe O'Connor and defense lawyer Edward Dilworth. Shorey was given a fully suspended one-year prison sentence and two years of probation, during which time he must take a sex offender evaluation and any necessary counseling. He must also register as a sex offender for 10 years.

O'Connor said the Maine State Police Computer Crimes Task Force is able to track files sent through peer-to-peer networks and identify individual computers by their Internet protocol addresses. Investigators spoke with Shorey in September after Time Warner Cable identified one of the computers as belonging to him.

O'Connor said Shorey admitted to investigators that he had been searching for child pornography for five years. He agreed to turn over his two personal computers as well as a computer at his business, Main Street Furniture and Appliance. O'Connor said investigators found a total of 70 images and 31 movies on the three computers showing children estimated to be between between the ages of 3 and 14.

“He didn't have a huge number of these,” said O'Connor. “I mean, we've seen people with thousands.”

Shorey must also not possess computers or use the Internet. However, Dilworth said Shorey will be permitted to use a computer at his business and understands that it will be subject to a search at any time.

According to Sun Journal archives, Shorey took over Western Auto of Norway from his retiring father early in 2007. The business's facade was redone, and its name was changed to Main Street Furniture and Appliance. The store has since phased out its sales of lawn and garden supplies and focused on the sale of appliances, furniture and bedding.

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 's picture

Well said mecop.  I read and

Well said mecop.  I read and REread this 'blog' over and over and I can't FOR the life of me, understand why ANY

person in their right mind would EVER defend this piece of shit.  HE GETS HIS JOLLY FROM LOOKING AT BABIES
BEING SEXUALLY EXPLOITED, PEOPLE!  My God WHAT are you people thinking defending a man that would do

STOP it..........he deserves to rot in his misery.  He will NEVER be looked at the same in this community again.

He is now, a face that is plastered all over the Maine Sex Offender Registry.  Get out of town Chris Shorey.  And take your

group of SICK followers with  you.  We don't need your kind around here. 

 's picture

Bottom line: child porn. 

Bottom line: child porn.  CHILD, is the key word here.  All day long on nationwide television there is something being said about a child that has been raped, or molested, or killed.  By someone that started out with CHILD PORN.  Yes, pedophilia is a disease.  None the less, his slap on the hand was hardly punishment enough.  Read on and see where it has been stated that Chris was doing God knows what to his 'step child' and everyone involved chose to ignore her cries for help.  Are we, as citizens of this community, absolutely positive that Chris really HAS been an upstanding citizen?  Really ONLY had 30 second 'search pictures' on his computer?  Are we POSITIVE that he will NEVER look at OUR children and think whatever his twisted mind THINKS when he undresses them with his eyes and warped mind?  Kudos to all of you that can look past this absurd obsession of his.  I can't.  God love the children that have been involved.  God HOPE, he doesn't continue now that he knows, he can.

 's picture

His own DAUGHTER?  He has no

His own DAUGHTER?  He has no children of his own ~ only borrowed ones and it seems that there have been issues there in the past too.   I'm sure he is feeling like s*** right now, and he should be.  I can't imagine how you or anyone else could ever justify what he has done.  We are talking CHILD PORN here.  I'm sure the sex offenders that are in jail now for raping, torturing, and killing innocent little babies started out just by 'looking at pictures on the internet'.  There is no excuse for what he has done, I can't imagine how his wife could EVER let him near her children again.  I would NEVER ever step foot in that store again.  It's a shame, too, because Frank built a wonderful business and trusted it to his 'son'.  Disgusting, Chris Shorey.  Absolutely disgusting.  I feel so sorry for the children that were forced to be raised by the likes of you.  Do our community a favor and move 'out of town'.

 's picture

Would you want him looking at

Would you want him looking at pictures of your child naked while he satisfied his own inner sexual desires doing so??? 
I certainly wouldn't.  While you are looking at the palms of your hands and finding no marks of crucification, think about

what Mr. Shorey was thinking while he was looking at those 'baby photos'.  Really, "Jolly" Roger.


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