Shame on all of them

On Feb. 14, the Sun Journal did an exposé on the exorbitant salaries of local health care executives. Wow! Do they make some money and benefits or what!

Maybe Paul Dionne, chairman of the board at CMH, can explain to all of us what, in fact, Peter Chalke does for me, if and when I were to have a heart attack. I do not see an "MD" next to his name. Does it really take a $1,000,000-plus salary to convince a great doctor to come to this city? If it does, they need to take another look at how they do business.

If we want to control health care costs, get rid of the fat cats at the top that are sucking the system dry.

The top three executives at St. Mary's together earn in excess of $1,250,000 per year. How many patients does it take to cover their salaries?

Those salaries should be based on the prevailing wages of the area(s) covered by the hospital. Dionne's answer that we have to "pay good people" such high salaries in order to keep them is not the correct answer. I would bet that there are many talented people who would accept those jobs at a lot less money because they would want to help those in need, not line their pockets with cash.

Those people are no different from the Wall Street executives who have been ripping off the public for years.

Shame on all of them for their greed.

Paul Parquette, Lewiston

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Where is all this outrage at

Where is all this outrage at these salaries coming from? Dividing the wealth smacks of socialism...Are we all becoming communists? Well, I hope not!

 I don't want to stand in line for a week at Hannaford waiting for my roll of toilet paper.

This is a capitalist country and it has been the best country in the world! Leave the businesses alone! They can pay whatever they want to their execs...We need government to stay out trying to run capitalism... They can't even keep their own house clean and productive!

It's the government that is out of control and spending OUR money like drunken sailors!

Wake up people, before you do wake up some morning and wonder  once the Liberals take over


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"we have to "pay good people"

"we have to "pay good people" such high salaries in order to keep them" Just ask any one of the fat cats - they are irreplaceable - the entire system would come to a halt of they don't get their way.

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That's kind of the same

That's kind of the same attitude I found up in the County: Nobody deserves more money than the farmer or retail clerk. While these salaries seem out of control, it's time to look at what the going rate is for someone of that caliber and what it takes to get them to work up here (Remember, we're not exactly Bar Harbor.. it's the Dirty Lew). Moreover, where is the outrage that the state does not pay their bills. They set prices for services that they claim to cover for their entitled class that are WAY below what you or I pay and then have the audacity not to pay without so much as an "sorry".


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