Rush to wind power

Some folks on Vinalhaven were led down the golden/green path, proud to be part of the new energy movement, until they couldn't get away from the noise of the three wind turbines sounding like a jet landing until the wind stops (Sun Journal, Jan. 24). On that 25-square-mile island, the 388-foot-high turbines were put online in November and one is down for repairs already.

Gov. John Baldacci’s task force has rushed plans through the Legislature to meet his power generation goals to allow companies to erect about 1,700 windmills on about 340 miles of Maine’s mountaintops. Those 400-foot-high turbines will be set on huge holes blasted in 15,000-40,000 acres of unspoiled forests. Where are the tree-huggers and the wildlife activists on this issue?

Millions of federal dollars are being spent on unsustainable wind power, increasing the national debt. The proposed offshore wind farms will be costly to build and maintain. I saw a picture of a windmill frozen solid in Minnesota this winter. Last I knew, the Maine coastal waters aren’t exactly the tropics.

Saco’s 200-foot turbine didn’t work out. Not enough wind. I suppose it could be used as a giant flagpole, albeit a tad expensive.

The hydro-electric dams provide clean, renewable energy. Then there is the natural gas pipeline in Maine.

With this weak economy and questionable global warming theories, I say slow down; study the facts, weigh the benefits and decide what is best for the beautiful state of Maine.

Diana Holcomb, Norway

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JOANNE MOORE's picture

Thanks, Diana! Great

Thanks, Diana! Great letter.

Those who promote Industrial wind power stand to make millions at the expense of small businesses and householders who can not afford to see their light bills doubled or trippled! to pay for this. They are also blocking cheap, clean hydro power from Canada that would compete (and win) with their expensive, environmentally destructive wind turbines.

Tourism is Maine's biggest industry. It brings Maine millions of dollars in revenue. We will see a huge decline in tourism when all the beauty spots are blighted with 400 plus foot towers. But do people like Angus King or Gov. Baldacci care? No. They will lie to us and laugh all the way to the bank.

Not one killowatt of this wind power will stay in Maine. It will not benefit Maine people in any way. It will all be shipped out of state on a transmission line costing the Maine people 1.5 billion dollars.

No new business will be attracted to Maine when they figure how much it will cost them for electricity.

No coal-fired electricity producing power plant has ever been shut down in the world, none, because of bringing Industrial wind onto the grid. In fact, more backup plants will have to be built as more Industrial wind power is in the mix because it is so unreliable.

Industrial wind is a scam of the highest magnitude and the proponents of it are nothing but con men, shysters, tricksters, carnies, snake oil salesmen, and the quicker they are unmasked for the damage they are doing to Maine the better.



Dan McKay's picture

WELL SAID, DIANA, Wind power


Wind power will have little or no affect on co2 emissions or oil dependency, but will have profound affects on our electric rates. Oregon recently allowed a rate increase due to the extra work required to accomodate the intermittent introduction of wind created electricity into the grid.

Wind power is simply an unworthy venture at the industrial scale. There is and there will never be a storage mechanism for grid developed wind power. The costs of storage are too prohibited.

 Craving up our mountain tops for these things is a criminal notion fueled by the same greed which put us into this current recession. We can get through this economic downturn, but creating an energy bubble destined to burst aint gonna help us.

Mark Wrenn's picture

At least the mountain still

At least the mountain still stands with wind power - can't say that about coal mining.


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