Federal judge calls Murphy's lawsuits frivolous

FARMINGTON — A federal judge said Carol Murphy “has more than had her day in court,” and he barred her from filing any more lawsuits in U.S. District Court in Maine.

Murphy, 65, of Lane Road in New Sharon has twice been convicted of cruelty to animals. Since her 2005 conviction she has filed many lawsuits against federal, state and local court officials, and law enforcement agents, alleging wrongdoing and violating her constitutional rights by removing her animals from her kennels. Gov. John Baldacci and former Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe are also among those named.

So many suits have been filed in U.S. District Court in Maine that last year Chief Judge John A. Woodcock Jr. ordered that before any of hers are docketed in that court, they be brought to his attention. He noted that she field a lawsuit in a Rhode Island court pertaining to her 2005 conviction, and it was dismissed in 2007.

Last month, the 65-year-old woman filed a complaint in U.S. District Court in Boston accusing Franklin County Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy, state prosecutors and others of "wrongdoing," but there is no indication it was accepted.

“Ms. Murphy's lawsuits can each be characterized as frivolous ...  and contentious nonsense,” Woodcock's said in his decision. “Further, whenever a judge rules against her in any matter, great or small, she tends to threaten to sue or actually sue the judge.”

He said, “In an effort to contest the state's determination that she was cruel to animals and possessed them without a license and has thereby relinquished her right to possess them, she has availed herself both in state and federal court of every imaginable means to challenge the decision. She has lost at every turn. Rather than accept the judgments of her fellow citizens, she has concocted conspiracy theories, made wild allegations against the jurists who have heard her cases, and has caused the state and federal governments to expend untold time and money defending against her meritless claims.”

Carol Murphy said Wednesday at her animal cruelty trial that she had filed criminal charges against Justice Murphy with Franklin County Sheriff Dennis Pike. After the trial, the sheriff said Murphy sent him a letter alleging horrendous acts against her, but no charges were filed.


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 's picture

frivolous, nonsense

This may be true for most people's thinking but it isn't to Ms. Murphy. I can't see where jail would help her unless there also was medical evaluations and appropriate treatments.


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