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On Feb. 25, there was an Associated Press article in the Sun Journal stating that the Maine Legislature was considering a new bill to override the new federal law permitting citizens to carry firearms into national parks.

In that article, State Sen. Stan Gerzofsky, D-Brunswick, was quoted as saying there are families in the state who want to “pack bazookas" into the national parks.

I’m not sure how much more misguided Gerzofsky could be.

There are currently 48 states in this country that allow some form of concealed carry of firearms. The folks who hold those permits have all been fingerprinted, have had both criminal and mental background checks performed, and have shown firearms proficiency. These are the state-certified good guys.

The bill the state is considering is about law-abiding citizens and their ability to protect themselves.

If, as a concealed carry permit holder, this state has deemed me to be not a threat to public safety on the streets of Bar Harbor, then why should I be considered a threat after I cross the gate into Acadia National Park?

Gerzofsky’s argument makes no sense. This bill is not about bazookas and he knows it. This bill is about the right of law-abiding citizens of this country being able to protect themselves and their families, no matter where they may be at the time.

Mark Cushman, Poland

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 's picture

Facts, please.

Would someone please supply a list of rapes and murders in Acadia over the last 25 years. Also, attacks by wild animals where a firearm was needed for protection. Thank you.

 's picture

Personal experience: I was

Personal experience: I was charged by a bear while bird hunting in Aroostook. My 12 gauge was the only thing that convinced him it was a bad idea.

 's picture

You see, Tron the way it

You see, Tron the way it works is you start with the original post, and work your way down the responses.

"Also, attacks by wild animals where a firearm was needed for protection. Thank you."

 's picture

The Bill is LD 1737 and now

The Bill is LD 1737 and now has an amendment to allow carry by those with CCW. The bill was brought out of the Criminal Justice Committee with a divided vote so will go before the general Legislature. All this can be looked up at the Legislatures web site unless you are too lazy to do that kind of research.

 's picture

Any location that bas guns

Any location that bas guns becomes a victim disarmament zone. The recent pentagon shooter was a liberal and registered democrat. All of the recent mass murder areas such as Ft Hood were off limits to gun, and that is why the killers were so unafraid to commit their crimes there. This National Parks law change would not have been such a big deal if the liberal anti-gun wussies had not raised the evil specter. One wonders who has the evil thinking after all. Gersofsky is a moon bat representing a moon bat town and is a transplanted Vermont liberal.

 's picture

While I see no need for

While I see no need for firearms in Acadia, I also believe that the 2nd Ammendment is final on the issue and that one's Constitutional rights do not stop at the park gates.

 's picture


I'm a little fuzzy on this issue. If someone could help me or post a site.

If someone has a concealed weapons permit, will they (or are they currently unable to?) bring their handgun into a state park? Is this a blanket ban or just a hunting-type ban?

 's picture

If you've already

been pranicing around Acadia ("I have also carried my weapon into Acadia National Park."), your claims of being a law abiding citizen seem a little flimsy.

 's picture

Why is that, lil?  It was

Why is that, lil?  It was legal to do so.  Why is my claim of being a law-abiding citizen flimsy?  How about you answer that for me...instead of your usual foolishness.  Why am I not law-abiding?

RONALD RIML's picture

Maybe that guy couldn't get a

Maybe that guy couldn't get a parking spot at the Pentagon??

Don't bring a 9mm to the place where they control Nukes from.....

If you're crazy enough to think you need to carry one 24/7, you're too crazy to own one.


 's picture

Really, veritas?  I guess I

Really, veritas?  I guess I should just trust that criminals will obey the laws that prohibit guns and law-abiding citizens will be safe and won't need guns for protection?  How'd that work out in Kankakee?  There are four categories of people in this argument: good and evil, armed and unarmed.  What should the good/unarmed do against the evil/armed?  Wait for the police?  How'd that work out in Kankakee?  Your kind of thinking gets people killed.  You advocate that people should lay down their arms and....what?  Trust the good people of America not to hurt you?  I guess I would buy that argument if only good people existed.  You, of all people on this board, should know that is not true.  You mention the Pentagon...that wacko was stopped by someone with a gun.  What if someone with a gun, cop or otherwise, had not been there?  How many people would have been hurt?  As many people as he had bullets for, that's how many.  Carry a gun 24/7?  I personally don't.  But when I am somewhere far removed from help, you're darn right I am carrying a gun.  I know the kind of people that live in this world...and so do you.       

RONALD RIML's picture

How did that work out in

How did that work out in Kankakee?  Same as it works out anywhere.

We had gun owners, and we had gun nuts.

And like you say - they're the 'kind of people who live in this world.'

For all the incidents I've seen which involved folks 'carrying' most resulted in problems rather than protection.  Seems the Supreme Court didn't attach commensurate common sense nor responsibility to the awesome right of the 2nd Amendment which the Framers of our Constitution composed in the context of a 'Well-Regulated Militia.'

But what do I know, I was just a career cop who picked up the pieces.


RONALD RIML's picture

No, I'm just glad to see you.

No, I'm just glad to see you. ;)

RONALD RIML's picture

I knew exactly what you

I knew exactly what you meant; perhaps you didn't 'get' my smart-azz rejoinder.  (i.e. "Do you have a gun in your pocket or are you glad to see me?")

As a retired LEO I'm legally entitled to a CCW in any state under Federal Law - 18 U.S. Code 926C

I was once an IL State Certified Police Firearms Instructor, and consistantly shot Master Class.  Frankly, the fascination with guns and paranoia with what my fellow man may do to me just isn't there any longer.  It's not complacency, rather more a degree of proportionality.   

RONALD RIML's picture

Not a problem. I called in

Not a problem.

I called in for a pizza.  Now I gotta get my piece and rip off the delivery boy two blocks away....   ;)

RONALD RIML's picture

Actually it's the holes in

Actually it's the holes in the people that wind up killing them......

Sucking chest wounds - Suck!!

RONALD RIML's picture

Thank you. Feel free to shidt

Thank you.

Feel free to shidt on me again...  LOL

 's picture

Tron, how about you speak

Tron, how about you speak directly to what the writer said for once and cease the irrelevant inflammatory rhetoric.  Shoot someone over a parking space?!  What B.S.  And machine guns are illegal.  I have a concealed carry permit and have had one for over 15 years.  I have also carried my weapon into Acadia National Park.  I have posed no danger to anyone and I didn't see anyone having less fun because I was armed in their vicinity.  I am a law-abiding citizen; you have nothing to fear from me unless you are trying to victimize people in my vicinity.  Do you think someone with no intent to obey the law is going to give a rip about a law banning guns in national parks?  If a criminal wants to carry a gun into Acadia National Park a law banning it is not going to stop him.  That thinking puts only the law-abiding at risk.  I would submit that a law-abiding citizen who passed the rigorous standards to carry a gun and has one in the park makes the park safer.  So, given the data about criminal background checks, fingerprinting of approved applicants, and firearms safety courses being required before permits are issued, why don't you just answer Mark's question...What is the difference between being armed anywhere else in the state or in the park?  But as an aside, due to your firm convictions about gun use, I'll make sure that I never use mine to protect you.   

RONALD RIML's picture

Shoot someone over a parking

Shoot someone over a parking space!!!


I've seen someone get shot over a banana.

"He took my 'nana...."

That was real 'crime prevention'

 's picture

I have seen that, too, but

I have seen that, too, but you missed the point...I was referring to tron accusing him of being a threat to shoot someone over a parking space simply because he had the means to do so...owning a gun or carrying a gun does not make someone reckless, violent, or unreasonable which is what tron was trying to hang on him.  And you are still not getting it...simply because there are irrational, impulsive, reactionary, and angry people out there is no excuse for denying the right to carry a gun to someone who isn't.  C'mon, man...you're a retired cop.  Gun violence, while tragic, doesn't mean that I should not have a means of self-defense from those who would perpetrate violence.  Cops can't be everywhere at once and you know as well as I do that guns are used to deter crime as much or more than they are used to perpetrate crime, it just doesn't get the media play that wing nuts who go crazy with a gun get.  What am I supposed to do while waiting for a cop to show up?  Run in serpentine fashion until they get there?  People get drunk and kill people while driving their cars, much more common than firearm deaths by the way, are you and tron going to turn in your car keys?


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