At a crossroads

It is finally coming down to this as a consideration of financial relief for government to target various nonprofits. It is not enough already that nonprofits provide a service saving states tremendous amounts of revenue in services to their localities, but now the tide is shifting for creative methods, as a solution, to add to our already financial burdens existing in our nation.

If states move to revoke charities' tax exemptions, our economy will only get worse and the valuable services that necessary nonprofits provide will be stressed and crippled. Thus, they will be forced into a position of either cutting necessary supportive services or possible dissolution of their nonprofit missions. In other words, shut down completely.

We are at a crossroads. How we conduct ourselves as one nation under God will either make us greater or weaker in our legacy, that we are recording with our lives. Are we so far removed from our heritage that we have forgotten what it took to get us this far? Let's not be silent in helping to keep all our tax exemptions intact. How much more are we willing to lose before it is too late?

Dr. Paul McLaughlin, Lewiston

Executive director, Hope Haven Gospel Mission

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There is no subsidy of

There is no subsidy of anyone's lifestyle here...we are talking about the justice of taxing entities that do not turn a profit, especially those who provide services free of charge to the community.  Dr. McLaughlin pays income taxes on the salary he earns as direcror of the mission; no one is subsidizing his lifestyle.  But the corporation should not have to pay taxes when it lives off of donations.  Hope Haven Gospel Mission has housed and fed more homeless people than I suspect you have.  Give the guy a break.  Seems to me your issue is with religion, not tax breaks. 


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