Baby hit by truck in Lewiston

LEWISTON — A 1-year-old girl was injured Monday when she was struck by a pickup truck a little before 1 p.m. at the corner of Sabattus and College streets.

Baby hit
Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

Lewiston police officer Randy Hausman moves the stroller that 1-year-old Akeya Brimage was riding in when she was struck on Sabattus Street in Lewiston on Monday. The baby suffered a scrape on her head.

Baby hit
Amber Waterman/Sun Journal

A witness describes to police an accident in which 1-year-old Akeya Brimage was knocked from her stroller as her mother, Melissa Glenn, 33, of Lewiston, crossed the street in front of a truck on Sabattus Street in Lewiston on Monday.

Akeya Brimage and her mother, Melissa Glenn, 33, of Lewiston, were crossing Sabattus Street from the area of the Dave's Place gas station to the area of the Calvary United Methodist Church. Glenn was wheeling Akeya in a collapsible umbrella stroller.

At the same time, Kyle Burgess, 19, of Monmouth, was driving home after running errands for his father. He had stopped at a red light on College Street and was turning left onto Sabattus.

Burgess got a green light to turn and Glenn got the pedestrian signal to cross at the same time, police said

Burgess saw Glenn waiting to cross with the baby, but he said she didn't move after his light turned green, so he made his left turn.   

Some witnesses at the scene said Glenn ran into the street and in front of the truck. Others said she didn't.

 "They both kind of took off at the same time and met in the middle," witness Jason Blouin said.

Burgess struck the mother and child, knocking over the stroller and causing the baby to fall out.  

"(Glenn) grabbed the baby out of the middle of the street and, like, 50 million people came running out of everywhere," Blouin said.

Blouin said the baby immediately started crying and appeared to have a bump on her head. Lewiston police and United Ambulance responded.

Minutes later, the baby's father arrived and tried to attack the driver. Witnesses said Burgess — who was already shaking and crying over the accident — retreated to his truck to get away from the man.

Mother and baby were taken to Central Maine Medical Center. Police said the baby had a scrape on her head and the mother had a cut on her leg. Neither injury was considered life-threatening.   

About 10 minutes after the mother and baby were taken to the hospital, the baby's father returned, yelling at Burgess and cursing. Police talked to the man and he left after several minutes.

Burgess stayed in his truck, distraught over the accident.

"She came out of nowhere," he said.

Norma Levesque, 62, of Sabattus, was getting gas at Dave's Place with her husband when the accident happened. She waited with Burgess for about 45 minutes until his parents arrived to take him home. 

"I love babies; I love people," she said, patting Burgess' shoulder as he cried in the passenger seat of his truck. "I hate to see anything like that happen."

Police did not charge anyone involved in the accident.

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 's picture

Had the live in watched the

Had the live in watched the kid while she went to get him his 12 pack with her food stamps this would have never happened.

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

For Consideration...

What do you suppose the odds were, she was texting when she walked into the intersection?

Robert Hack Jr.'s picture

Scam in the making

This comment has been removed by the administrator.

Linda  Daigle's picture

Sorry, NORMAL people do not

Sorry, NORMAL people do not go attacking others-period. 

Linda  Daigle's picture

I am thankful for the woman

I am thankful for the woman who consoled the young man.  I got in a minor, and I mean minor accident in front of the Lewiston Public Library years ago, going to story time with my three children.  I opened my door which was promptly clipped by a piece of junk car passing by.  I believe I broke the passenger side mirror.  The pig who was driving that car literally got out by hopping through the drivers side door, jumped over the hood of his car and came after me with a closed fist.  Thankfully, a GENTLEMAN saw everything transpire, escorted me and my children into the library quickly and the police and my husband were notified.  These people were scum, they had a car that was being kept together by wire hangers with filthy children in the back seat, watching this all happen.  Come to find out, they put a huge claim in on my insurance which was promptly denied, because the damage they were seeking didn't come anywhere near what the police report described it as. 

This poor kid is from Monmouth and he comes up against one of Lewiston's finest--I am sorry to his family --the father sounds like a nasty person.  Lucky baby, her life sounds like it will be great, what with all the fine examples around her. 

Robert Hack Jr.'s picture

Sounds like this could be a

Sounds like this could be a setup for a scam deal. How stupid to walk out into the street if you see cars coming duh. Someone is looking to make a fast $$$$$$ on the insurance


 's picture

Go back to kindergarden and

Go back to kindergarden and then lern how ta spel.....

If it were me driving

If it were me driving I woukld have motioned the woman to cross if it was safe.  I have had people walk in front of me after the light turned green  Seems like they wait until you start moving then run out at you.  Too many people assume you are going to stop for them anytime you cross the street,  only in a cross walk.  Besides, it was an accident.  none was seriously hurt.  A little banged up but nobody is going to die.  So don't blame the driver it was both parties fault.  We can't read minds.   Plus the father of the child should be in jail...  he tried to attack the driver.  I would have just been glad that my child's mother and daughter were ok!  Heck, common sense says both the driver and pedestrian should both pay attention to each other.  Remember, way back there were NO Cross Walks, you just had to cross when it was safe to do so.  Use common sense.  Everyone

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

How much you want to bet, she

How much you want to bet, she was wearing pajama bottoms?

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

If (ur) child were to grow up

If (ur) child were to grow up with (ur) sense of spelling, grammar, and sentence structure and said child died I would feel precious little sense of loss for our community. Really, do you have two synapses firing in that little head of yours (why, yes it is correct to say your, yours, you're)? You have single handedly lowered the mean IQ of everyone here.

 's picture

Amanda, you really belog in a

Amanda, you really belog in a cage with a bunch of bananas to eat.

Michael Hobbs's picture


Amanda, how old are you? I hope to god that you are in some type of schooling system because that is some horrible spelling. You say that the driver should be in jail, why? He wasn't charged with anything. It was simply an accident, light went green and her's said she could walk across. I am pretty sure that hitting a child wasn't on his to do list that day. Let the police do there job and you stay in school.

Michael Hobbs's picture


My guess is she didn't because she'd know proper english. I graduated from LHS and know how to use proper english.

Michael Hobbs's picture


Were you there? How can you say that he said they could go? The police (aka the men/women in charged with arresting people) found no need to arrest him because it was an accident from what they found to be faulty light system. Also, I am not talking "crap" with anything that happened in this incident. I did in fact comment on how poorly your english is. You say you are related to the father, well we can see that anger issues run in the family. If you are so interested in him being arrested, then feel free to go to college and police academy to become a police woman. Have a nice day.

Linda  Daigle's picture

Just last week I witnessed a

Just last week I witnessed a father and daughter walking on a very busy section of Main Street.  The father was so busy yacking on his cell phone he had no idea his daughter had completely lagged behind and was now standing at the intersection of Russell and Main Street--people had to beep their horns to get his attention, finally he remembered his child.  Another instance, same area where this accident happened and again, mother was so busy with her cell call, she was completely oblivious to traffic and walked right into Sabattus Street without so much as looking.  I would be curious to see what makes a person dart in the middle of traffic with no regard for you our your childs safety.  People need to put the distractions away and plug into their children.  For such an impoverished area of town, everyone has a cell--funny I just got mine last year and I am a 45 year old woman who has worked since I turned 16. 

just last week

I agree.  I am a 43 yr old woman who has worked since I was 13.   Now I can't even find a job and I have a child to support.  God knows I don't get support from my child's father.  Seems like everywhere I look more and more low income refugees and such keep getting jobs or new cars, cell phones etc...  What about the people who were born and raised here.  What do they get?  I'm on assistance and I hate it, but I have no choice, because there are no jobs.  I live in Monmouth now.   So if the city and state can afford to give these " low income class", who aren't natives cars, and money to spend, cell phones, and even to buy businesses, why can't they afford to have safe crosswalks for people. 


It was an accident but avoidable.


did you know that a episode by 60 min i believe shown that many traffic pedestrian bottons are hooked to nothing sort used only for looks as the cost to impement them was much higher, the other part of the problem is traffic flow so at many times crosswalks for pedestrians will show walk while at the same time giving a green light or will give the signal to walk and only a marathon runner could make it to the other side  before it changed this is the most likely situation here. The father was upset and his child was hurt however it WAS NOT the total fault of the driver as I have seen many slam on the gas at the instance of green this kid did not if he had the child would be dead. Sabattus St. has many traffic issues and if I am not mistaken the street with the most fatalities in the city this was a terrible accident but I see no reason to blame this kid just nor the father for his anger but the city needs to look into how these lights behave and not some stupid beaucrat with tunnel vision that will look at the light and let the signal to walk for one side and the green light for the other because this idiot thinks cars never turn only go straight. 


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