Buchanan speaks out on illegal immigration, encourages public discourse at Bates

LEWISTON — Bay Buchanan brought more than a warning about the increasing problem of illegal immigration in the United States to Bates College on Monday night.

Jose Leiva/Sun Journal

Bay Buchanan, a political analyst and former treasurer of the United States under President Ronald Reagan, speaks on illegal immigration at Bates College on Monday.

The former U.S. treasurer and political analyst also encouraged the crowd to get informed, to stand up and debate the issues facing America in the 21st century.

"That's what American leaders are all about," said Buchanan, who served as treasurer under President Ronald Reagan from 1981 to 1983. "It's the debate. Start talking about things. Pick some things you feel passionate about."

Bates College Republicans welcomed Buchanan thanks to the speaker's longtime personal friendship with the mother of one of its members. She was the youngest woman to ever hold the post of treasurer of the United States. Since serving under President Reagan, she has frequently appeared as a political analyst on television news programs.

Buchanan, sister of former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, also serves as president of The American Cause, an educational organization whose mission is to advance and promote traditional American values rooted in the conservative principles of national sovereignty, economic patriotism, limited government and individual freedom. In 2006, she was appointed chairwoman of Team America PAC, a group that highlights the problems created by illegal immigration and supports candidates committed to securing U.S. borders.

"This was a natural uprising going on in this country," Buchanan said of the political rallies, town meetings, Tea Party conventions and shift in political power over the past several months as Americans express discontent with present-day politics. "I saw the anger. I was astounded by the depths of that anger."

Buchanan took Washington to task and accused its leaders of being arrogant and of ignoring the growing issue of illegal immigration for more than 15 years. She used examples such as Hazelton, a small town in northwest Pennsylvania, that saw its crime skyrocket and its school system's budget for English as a Second Language jump from $500 to $1.5 million within five years, due to illegal immigration.

According to Buchanan, town leaders came under fire in 2006 after passing an ordinance aimed at discouraging hiring or renting to illegal immigrants by fining employers and landlords. The town's Republican mayor and its leaders gained national notoriety over the law, which is still being appealed.

And yet, Buchanan said, just the threat of the law going into effect made employers and landlords think twice about hiring or renting to illegal immigrants. She said that many of the illegal immigrants have since left town and that the crime rate dropped by one-third in a short time.

"I personally agree with a lot of what she has to say," said James Mulholland, 19, a freshman from Vero Beach, Fla., who supported Buchanan's views of illegal immigrants taking away jobs from capable American workers because they work for far lower wages. "American businesses employing American citizens cannot compete with that."

Mulholland used one of his hometown's biggest industries — orange farms — as an example of how illegal immigrants take away jobs because they work for a fraction of the wages expected by Americans. Given today's tough economic market, he said, there are many people in Vero Beach who would be happy to pick oranges for eight hours a day for a fair living wage. But instead, the majority of those jobs go to illegal immigrants.

Not everyone who attended Monday's lecture supported Buchanan's views. Kim Dinh, 23, a senior from Vietnam, agreed with Buchanan's suggestion to close the American borders for the time being and concentrate on helping Americans get back on their feet. But past that, Dinh considered Buchanan's views and stories one-sided.

Dinh said she would have liked to have heard more statistics supporting Buchanan's views and fewer stories — especially when it came to her views on the state of education because of illegal immigrants attending American schools. She said she considered students from illegal immigrant families to be highly motivated to succeed in school.

Dinh also pointed out that on the job front, despite Buchanan's belief that illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from capable American workers, dozens of American businesses have shut down plants and moved operations overseas to places such as China. Workers there also make a fraction of the wages paid to American workers, much like illegal immigrants here.

"This issue is a tool for a bigger game," Dinh said, adding that Buchanan helped rally Republican troops with her talk about standing up and debating issues. "Illegal immigration is part of it, but it's not the whole picture."


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 's picture


Ladies and gentlemen, while looking at your beautifully written comments one can now see why George Washington wished that we not create political parties. Just remember that while some maybe Republicans and some maybe Democrats, we are all Americans.



Conservatives on this page claim that they are not bigots; that that is just liberal name calling. Then they lie about the definition of bigotry not make their position plausible. Sorry, bigots we can't let you get away with it.

Bigotry is the irrational hatred or prejudice against a group of people that results in intolerance. The key is "irrational". Conservatives have taken political positions for hundreds of years that they can be rationally defend. Buckley was great at that. He through the bigots out of the conservative movement because he understood that bigots (racists, homophobes, nativists) would discredit the movement. Well he's dead. The John Birch Society is back co-sponsoring CPAC. The League of the South is welcomed in conservative circles (Joe Wilson is a Republican representative and member of the league of the south). Our first black president is being attacked for positions he does not support and are completely invented by the whacko wing of the conservative movement out of their racist hatred. The birthers have rejected all credible evidence that Obama was born in the US and have even tried to pawned off a fraudulent Kenyan birth certificate because they can't accept that a black man was duly elected President. Three court decisions have shown that no rational argument supports opposing same-sex marriage and the US Constitution requires allowing same-sex marriage. Michael Savage has coined the phrase that is nativism - Language, Borders, and Culture. Now these irrational purveyors of hatred have taken over the Republican Party. That is not intolerance; it is bigotry.

 's picture

having read your rants for

having read your rants for the past years I can safely assume you hate republicans and are intolerant of them and conservatives so that makes you irrational.  don't project your racist, bigoted views on the rest of the country.  people often hate what they fear becoming themselves. 

 's picture

Hmmm, next time I will say

Hmmm, next time I will say jalbrecht only,  but I would like you just once to quantify your remarks.  Mean spirited?  depends on whose ox is being gored.  hatefilled?  well I suppose if you don't like the message then you would hate it.  but you are projecting (again) your racist attitude onto the right by assuming because we don't like obama it is because he is black.  No, it is because he is a marxist intent on raising taxes ever higher on everybody, destroying any chance of economic gain and making more people dependent on government and increasing the power of the leftists.  Do you think that central command will succeed this time because Americans are doing it?  It never has or will work simply because it doesn't take into account human nature.  PEOPLE WANT TO BE FREE.  Damn, how difficult is it for you to figure that out?  Conservatives want a meritocracy where people are judged by their ability, work ethic, and content of their character, (where did you hear that before?) not the color of their skin.  Nobody is smart enough to tell me how to live.

 's picture


maybe  they should have a debate between puffdaddy and buchanan...at least they bring in a diversity of view/entertainers

 's picture

Let me offer my

Let me offer my agreement...The Tass news agency in the Soviet Union had nothing on ol' tron...


Tron must be illegal have him deported!!!

The LAWS in this country need to be enforced and also need to be set to but CEO CFOS and any bussiness owner who hires illegals to go to jail period once this hapeens ALL illegals will go back to where they belong AS PER THE LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES THAT IS NOT RACIST, IT IS THE LAW!! If you take away the enticement to come to america illegaly they will simply stop comming. And like rats and cockroaches if you have leave no food for them they will leave, Instead due to the corruption in BOTH our judicial and Policitical system it is allowed to fester hell we have to give them SSI and Education for breaking the law that is absurd when insted they need to be deported the the bussiness owner hiring them heaviliy fined and thrown in jail if he is habitual and fire all judges and politicians who violate thier OATH OF OFFICE if they are acceting monies to undermine the laws then they are guilty of violating thier OATHS from a city rep. to the president from the county judge to the supreme court justice.  

 's picture

Have to say, I am a little

Have to say, I am a little offended at the insinuation that Republicans do not take up arms to defend their nation.  I am Republican and served in the military.  My father was a Republican and served in the military.  My grandfather's both served in World War II and were...gasp...also Republicans.  My great-grandfather, who immigrated from Canada fought in World War I, was also a Republican.  If you take a look historically at those who dodged the draft and loathed the military (Bill Clinton), you will find they are mostly peacenik, tie-dyed wearing, pot-smoking, kumbaya singing Democrats.  And it is also NOT Republicans who think Americans should give up their 2nd Amendment rights... 

 's picture

Tron doesn't provide proof

He's going to take a pass on providing any proof for anything...I waited for days for proof on his "Republicans are communists" accusation a few weeks ago.  Liberals like "tron" would be great in a court room, wouldn't they?  "They're Communists, your honor!  They should be exiled and shot!"  "Oh, really?" says the judge. "What evidence do you offer to prove this?"  Tron stands there, shifting his weight from foot to foot, anxiously reviewing his memory for the last time he watched Keith Olbermann.  "Well?" says the judge.  Tron finally blurts out his trump card..."They're Communists, your honor!  They should be exiled and shot!"  Yep, we should all surrender our lives to these people.  I am laughing so hard my sides hurt!  I can't wait for the mid-term elections!  Folks like "tron" are great apologists for the Democratic party.

 's picture

Legal vs. Illegal

Do you know the difference, "tron"?  The speaker was talking about illegal immigration.


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