Very distasteful

I write with two matters that caused disgust.

The large advertisement of the Jesus Party (March 3), signifying it's coming out of the closet, etc., was extremely upsetting and very distasteful.

Instead of the Rev. Douglas Taylor "coming out of the closet," perhaps he should have taken a few moments to get his head out of the Bible and check his facts — that transgender people are not "gay," as he is implying. Perhaps the funds he is requesting could be put aside for him to go back to school to learn the facts before him. Also, the large amount of money spent on that large advertisement would have helped toward that goal of education for him.

I am also disgusted that the Sun Journal would allow such an advertisement. If that ad had been of the sort that made some sort of degrading reference to African-Americans, Jews or whatever, I am quite sure it would not have been allowed to run.

I know what the cost of advertisements is for the Sun Journal, and I do suppose it does help keep the newspaper going instead of having a free letter to the editor printed.

Shame on the Sun Journal.

Robert Allen, Turner

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Don't tell me what I can't do!

I live in America, and the Constitution protects my rights of free speech whether the liberals like it or not.  Those that do not agree with my advertisement should practice acceptance and tolerance. 

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Oh, like you do? You are a

Oh, like you do? You are a wretched pile of human filth who does nothing more than spread your bile among those ignorant enough to listen. I'll admit you have a right to speak, but so do we. I for one, wish I could be there when the day comes that you actually do meet your god. I think you'll be in for some surprises.

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I totally agree with you.

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Let Taylor speak! The more we

Let Taylor speak! The more we let him open his mouth, spew his tripe, and attempt to spread his hatred among the ignorant, the more of an arse the public will realize he is.

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Very Well Said...

It was very well said, but it is America and we still have "free" speech. As, for the SJ, I wouldn't have put it up, but let's be honest SJ is a business and they are just trying to make a buck.

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Well said . . .

Here!  Here!


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