Drivers don't see me

Spring must be here, as the complaints about loud motorcycle pipes have kicked in before many have hit the streets (editorial, March 2).

As a rider, I know firsthand how loud pipes help. Maybe other drivers don't see me, but will hopefully look for the sound.

Maybe, many of those complainers are the same people who don't know what the little lever on the left side of the steering is for, or ride with their foot on the brake, or understand the concept of the center turn lane.

Some of those drivers need to take a road test a little more often to make sure they can see to the right and left before they change lanes into me, but I tolerate all of these, as they should tolerate me and my bike.

By the way, my motorcycle gets 40 mpg.

Those people should complain about the gas prices or the conditions of town roads or something else for a while. At least the snowmoble riders can be left alone now.

Richard Hussey, Lewiston

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Bob Woodbury's picture

Another noise use

To scare unsuspecting REAL bike riders, bicycle riders, to death by coming up behind them and revving those pipes. I have the scars to prove it.

Douglas Mac antSaior's picture

Wow, I had no idea auto

Wow, I had no idea auto drivers were the ones to blame for your replacement penis. How about this one:

  • bikers feel that speed limits are a suggestion.
  • bikers also feel exempt from the use of blinkers
  • bikers feel too overburdened to stop at lights and signs on hills
  • bikers often over-accelerate to accentuate their modified pipes
  • bikers use the size of their bike to assume "I'm so special" parking spots are for them. ie: emergency parking, handicap, storefronts, sidewalks...
  • bikers hide behind pseudo-tough "clubs" ... again, to accomodate for an inadequate phallus.
Dave Wilson's picture

The 2 idiots above this post....

should have their heads examined, and should wear fluorescent orange until they do so the rest of us can avoid you. Please do NOT vote in ANY election

GARY SAVARD's picture

Invisible Biker

All those visibility problems! Maybe a fluorescent orange vest would help. Excessive noise is quite a stretch. If everyone on the road made a lot of noise using being seen by other motorists as an excuse, they would cancel each other out and NO-ONE would benefit. I do agree that loud bikes get peoples attention, but I don't agree that it is for safety reasons that the minority of  bikers do it. 


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