Facts are overwhelming

I tried to let Thomas Shields' rallying cry for the Republican Party (letter, March 6) go by without a word. I did not want to remind him of how the "party of no" in Washington has held our government hostage, threatening to filibuster every piece of legislation not offered by a Republican.

I waited for plans offered by the minority on health care/insurance reform, energy policy and jobs. I waited to see an exchange of ideas and a final plan that shows the best of our political system. Time and time again, the GOP offered up no plans or only a few pages. I waited intently as John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell promised details of their plans. I am still waiting.

Shields would have voters run to the Republicans because they are Republicans and nothing more? He claims “the Democrats talk a good game and their actions speak louder than words." We all know about the talking the GOP is doing in Washington. And their actions? Obstructing the United States of America from governing itself.

Debt? Every Republican administration in my lifetime has run up more debt than a Democratic one. Look it up.

I wasn‘t going to say anything, but the facts are overwhelming. Our economic troubles were born of eight years living under a Republican regime.

I’m not thrilled with the Democratic Party but am very comfortable with the devil I know. And besides, he started it.

David Marquis, Lewiston

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2 questions:

How many currently uninsured Americans will gain coverage under the Republican plan? (Democrat's plan: 30+ million, Repubs: ??) How much will the Republican plan reduce the deficit over the next 10 years? (Democrat's plan: about $120 billion, Repubs: ??, CBO numbers, please) There are over 100 republican amendments in the plan passed by the Senate. Tax cuts, tort reform, and deregulation are not viable plans.

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You’re right; the facts are

You’re right; the facts are overwhelming…against your argument.  The Republican plan is more than just a few pages, it is 230 pages and has been circulating for more than six months now.  Since you claim to have been waiting to see them, I’ll assume you are not like the “big three” (tron, lil, and veritas) and are actually interested in what the Republicans have to offer.  Some of these proposals were offered during the Bush Administration and filibustered by Democrats.  You may check out these links from reputable news sources, even those not friendly to the GOP.  They are not, as the “big three” would have you believe, just stamping their feet in a tantrum screaming, “No!”   That is simply NOT true.






Now I will wait for the assault on my character rather than speaking to any of the issues here.  And my question still remains:  Why should I trust a health care plan if the people who want me to have it won’t take it for themselves?  This Republican will call his congressman today and tell him to support it...if the Congress and government bureaucrats in Washington put themselves under the same plan they want to force me to take. Is that so unreasonable?

Name calling

This kind of name calling distracts from the purpose of changing the status quo. stay on point. Yes, Boner is funny and some people are very stupid but you sink to their level by name calling. Keep putting the facts in their faces. that pisses them off much more!


David Marquis

 's picture

Predictable...I am stupid, a

Predictable...I am stupid, a coward, and a poor example who doesn't care for his family.  I wonder if you libs are capable of having any discussion without attacking the individual...but I digress.  I can't control the spin on the plan and I offered these articles as proof that the GOP has offered a plan, something the original poster was disputing if you read it.  I never said the articles you referred to supported the GOP plan.  You are offering this analysis as if I did.  I did notice that you left out the WSJ analysis which is somewhat is disagreement with the analysis at CBS and the LA Times and lays some serious charges at the government plan.  Charges, by the way, none of you ObamaCare supporters care to answer.  If it's so good, why won't Congress adopt it for themselves?  Try to answer that, would you xyz?  This such a great plan but they won’t take it.  What gives? 

P.S.  Awful brave of you to throw around the names when you don't put your name on your profile...and I'm the coward.  I'll give lil, tron, and veritas that much credit.  They're at least willing to put their name on their post.

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The GOP "plan" would leave even more people uninsured: "But the CBO analysis also concluded that under the GOP plan, 52 million nonelderly Americans would have no insurance in 2019 -- even more than the 50 million in 2010. By comparison, the House Democratic bill would reduce the number of nonelderly Americans without coverage to around 18 million over the next decade." http://articles.latimes.com/2009/nov/05/nation/na-health-gop5

 's picture


And congress just keeps on spending like there is no tomorrow. Just can't wait till the bills for all this spending come in, we will be the largets 3rd world country.

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

The parrot is positive this

The parrot is positive this letter was written by Tron under an alias.

RONALD RIML's picture

Bored already? Your vacation

Bored already?

Your vacation from the forum here not long enough??

I hear Wasilla's down one Mega-Mom..... 

 's picture

More deep thought from one

More deep thought from one third of the "big three."  Still nothing of substance to say?  Just more labeling and name-calling?

 's picture

Oh, I have added plenty...go

Oh, I have added plenty...go back and read.  You have offered NO answers to any reasonable objections or questions (see my post today) concerning health care, concealed carry laws, or anything else from me or anyone else.  You have only offered acrimonious invective and anyone with any sense on this board that reads your daily drivel knows that.  What a weak response...  

PAUL ST JEAN's picture

Man, coming from YOU,

Man, coming from YOU, T...that is LOWWW!!! That entitles you to WALK THE PLANK, Tron..AARRGGHH!!!


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